Phoenix and Haggar Join Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Line-Up

Check out the two latest powerhouses to join the Marvel Vs. Capcom universe.

Kick-Ass Will Not Be Cyclops in X-Men: First Class

Damn, seems like the perfect fit for “Kick-Ass” breakout star Aaron Johnson. “X-Men: First Class” producer spoke with MovieWeb about the rumored casting: “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers about Aaron, unfortunately. Aaron’s kind of busy, yeah.” The actor lost out on the “Spider-Man” lead and now “X-Men.” Guess Johnson’s not cut out … Continue reading

Was Taylor Lautner Suppose to be Cast for X-Men: First Class?

Yep! What happend? Simple…scheudling. Director Bryan Singer sat down with Blastr to discuss what happened with everyone’s new favorite werewolf.

X-Men: First Class Casting Smells of Bacon

Deadline reports Footloose himself, Kevin Bacon, is in talks to play a villain in the X-Men spinoff, “First Class.” Which baddie? No word yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

First Professor X, Now Magneto Cast for X-Men: First Class

Just a few weeks ago “Wanted” actor James McAvoy was cast as Professor X for the upcoming “X-Men: First Class,” now 20th Century Fox has chosen their Magneto. The Actor: “Inglorious Bastards” breakout star Michael Fassbender. The film touches on the early relationship between both powerhouse mutants and introduces popular characters of the X-Men universe … Continue reading

Wolverine Claws Nike Swoosh

Brass Monki is gonna have a field day once Capcom releases Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Very MVC 3 inspired, kudos! Which X-Men character would you want on a fresh pair of Dunks?

Professor X Cast for X-Men: First Class

“Wanted” actor James McAvoy has just been cast as Professor X for X-Men: First Class. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news and confirms the film’s storyline via 20th Century Fox:

X-Men: First Class Director Demoted to Producer, WTF?

Fans will be disappointed at “X-Men” director Bryan Singer for this one. He is leaving his position of director and making the transition to producer of “X-Men: First Class.” Such moves were made because 20th Century Fox enjoyed the script that scriber Jamie Moss wrote from Singer’s treatment so much that the studio wants the … Continue reading

Wolverine 2 Set For Production Early 2011

20th Century Fox is set to begin production in January 2011 for the “Wolverine” sequel. Writer Christopher McQuarrie recently finished scribing the sequel according to The Hollywood Reporter and tackles a whole storyline than originally planned. The rabid Wolverine will indeed be visiting Japan as speculated, except he’ll be bearing a Japanese love interest, as … Continue reading

Singer Talks More X-Men: First Class

The updates continue to pour in with X-Men: First Class. Director Bryan Singer stopped by the Heat Vision Blog to talk about the project and what Marvel fans can expect:

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