WTF, Street Fighter Characters Enter Raw Vs. Smackdown Ring

No, Capcom isn’t working with THQ to produce a Street Fighter Vs. WWE game. If Xbox 360 owners aren’t feeling the wrestling roster for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, they might be interested in downloading this 20+ set of Street Fighter IV characters/wrestlers courtesy of Youtube user jim784m. Live users can download these spot-on avatars … Continue reading

Another Schwarzenegger Remake in the Works

“The Predator” and “Conan” are getting reboot treatments, now 20th Century Fox is ready to pull the trigger on a “Commando” remake. 20th Century Fox is going Commando again, setting David Ayer to write and direct a reboot of the 1985 film that became one of the building blocks that transformed Arnold Schwarzenegger from bodybuilder … Continue reading

$10 Million Offered For Gay Fish Wrestling

It’s been a week since Kanye’s VMA fiasco with Taylor Swift, and everyone in the world still wants to kiss his ass. According to, Vince McMahon and the WWE have offered the gay fish a $10 million dollar deal to wrestle for the company. The deal comes with the stipulation that the infamous rapper/producer … Continue reading

WWE Layeth Another Raw Vs. Smackdown Trailer

What can we say? Another year, another mediocre WWE wrestling game.

What’s In Your Queue?

It’s Clint Eastwood’s last starring role and it’s nothing short of memorable. Retired veteran and recent widower Walter Kowalski isn’t very fond of foreigners. After experiencing the local neighborhood gangs picking on his Hmong neighbors, he steps in as enforcer and father figure for young Thao and Sue. Amazing how Eastwood is even more intimidating … Continue reading

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