Parker Bros. Choppers Build Tron Lightcycle Replica

Who wouldn’t want to ride a real-life Tron lightcycle? Exactly. Parker Brothers Custom Choppers managed to create one, with just access to reference photos of the bike taken from the Internet. Talk about making the best with what you got. The life-sized replica houses a Suzuki TLR1000 V-twin engine, brakes and other functional bits required … Continue reading

Tron: Legacy USB Puts New Spin on Flash Drive

TRON memorabilia—you gotta love it! And these light cycle USB drives are great additions to any TRON collection. Available in 4GB and 8GB, these portable drives not only store data, but also featuring flash lighting on the wheelbase. The images don’t display the USB portion of the drive, but we could care less…it’s TRON! Retailing … Continue reading

Oh Sh*t, Epic Mickey Cinematic Intro

November can’t come any quicker. Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey is looking real sharp right now.

Curious About That Tron: Evolution Game?

We are! Take a look at some gameplay footage for Disney Interactive’s Tron: Evolution.

Nic Cage Confirmed for Ghost Rider 2

Seems like Nicolas Cage thought the Craig Ferguson show was the perfect outlet to announce his return as Johnny Blaze. The actor told the talkshow host today that he’s signed on to do “Ghost Rider 2,” while noting that “Crank” directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are onboard to helm the film. Cage will appear … Continue reading

Epic Mickey Comic-Con 2010 Footage

2D Platforming? We’re having nostalgic wet dreams of The Castle of Illusion already. Epic Mickey will surely be an must buy this holiday season.

Oh Sh*T, Comic-Con Tron Legacy Trailer

Disney will officially own the box office Christmas Day. Move ahead to see some screen grabs.

New Tron Legacy Screens

Empire Online shares a some crazy new shots from Walt Disney’s “Tron Legacy.” Catch up with the official trailer here and check out these sick picks.

Your New Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is…

Blue Sky Disney reported “Journey to the Center of the Earth” star Josh Hutcherson was chosen to play the new Peter Parker, but they were wrong. Sony officially reports actor Andrew Garfield has been cast for the superhero role, with a set production date of December 2010. The rebooted franchise will focus on the Ultimate … Continue reading

Disney Readying The Lion King 3D?

Off the box office success of the Toy Story 3-D, Walt Disney has plans of re-releasing and converting a few of their classics from the vault. First up…The Lion King 3D. Oscar nominated producer, Don Hahn, spoke with Empire and discussed the conversion:

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