Oh Sh*t, Mega Man Universe Trailer

Capcom had the name trademarked a few weeks back and now comes the official announcement of Mega Man Universe. Hold up…was that Arthur from Ghouls & Ghosts? See what other surprise cameos make the cut. Mega Man Universe will be available on PSN and Xbox Live with no attached release date at the moment.

Street Fighter’s Blanka Greens Up Nike’s

Brass Monki looks to be leaning towards the fighting genre with these Street Fighter IV inspired kicks. Which SFIV character would you want on your Nikes?

Street Fighter III Characters Join Super Street Fighter IV

And the beat goes on. Capcom can’t seem to stop teasing gamers with these consistent announcements of new characters joining the overly-abundant lineup of Super Street Fighter IV. IGN takes partial credit for unraveling Street Fighter III regulars Matoko, Dudley, and Ibuki heading to SSFIV; while Famitsu takes the other half, revealing detailed Ultra Combos … Continue reading

Street Fighter Alpha Fighters Re-Appear

Add Sagat clone, Adon; and Final Fight’s Cody and Guy to the never ending list of fighters returning for Super Street Fighter IV. Is Capcom missing anyone else?

SF IV PJ’s Sonic Boom You To Sleep

You gotta be a super geek to sleep, better yet, own a pair of these. Nevertheless, looking at the price tag ($20) it’s a collector’s item.

Capcom Contemplating Super S.F. IV For Arcades?

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have Super Street Fighter IV at your local Dave & Buster’s? According to a spokesperson for Capcom, they haven’t really considered it, but it would be a simple transition. Kotaku reports the following: But Street Fighter IV runs on an actual PC computer tucked away inside those cabinets located in … Continue reading

Capcom Reveals S.F. IV Announcement, 2 New Characters

Capcom welcomes the addition of T.Hawk and Juri to the Street Fighter IV family. More pics after the jump.

Street Fighter IV Characters, Mega Man Style

All praises due to creator SpeedBrkr. Source:

Street Fighter IV Championship Hyper EX Alpha Edition

Of course, we kid with the title. But that doesn’t mean a sequel to Capcom’s biggest fighting game in the past few years, Street Fighter IV, isn’t in the works. The Japanese SFIV official blog put the bug out there that they would speak on details for the follow-up. That same blogger/writer came back and … Continue reading

Street Fight IV Characters In S.F. III Form

If you couldn’t tell, some intriguing screenshots showed up on Shoryuken Forums during the week: Street Fighter IV characters in Street Fighter III: Deep Impact screens. User Steamboy33 did an amazing job. Here’s a look at some of the other screens they worked on.

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