WTF, Street Fighter Characters Enter Raw Vs. Smackdown Ring

No, Capcom isn’t working with THQ to produce a Street Fighter Vs. WWE game. If Xbox 360 owners aren’t feeling the wrestling roster for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, they might be interested in downloading this 20+ set of Street Fighter IV characters/wrestlers courtesy of Youtube user jim784m. Live users can download these spot-on avatars … Continue reading

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Line-Up Leaked?

And the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 leaks begins. Who makes the “proclaimed” cut? It’s unofficial for now, but either way, you can thank PS3 Gen for the entertainment value.

Street Fighter vs Tekken Announced

It’s not Namco vs Capcom, but it’ll due in the meantime we guess. Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono held a panel at Comic-Con to discuss the future of the Street Fighter series, when interrupted by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harad to announce Street Fighter vs Tekken. Fans were teased with some footage, which displayed SFIV … Continue reading

Street Fighter’s Blanka Greens Up Nike’s

Brass Monki looks to be leaning towards the fighting genre with these Street Fighter IV inspired kicks. Which SFIV character would you want on your Nikes?

Hip-Hop Producer Adds Flava to Super Street Fighter IV Commercial

Hip-Hop producer and gaming aficionado Just Blaze shows his admiration for the franchise by contributing headbanging production for the upcoming fighter’s TV spot. We’re sold!

Street Fighter IV Hadouken’s iPhone

Capcom continues to flood their flagship franchises on the mobile gaming circuit, so is it really a shocker an iPhone version of Street Fighter IV is coming? Answer: No! A month before Super Street Fighter IV hits consoles, the mobile version will the 2D/3D fighter will be released (March). The IGN screenshoot puts the control … Continue reading

The Ladies of Super Street Fighter IV Get Their Screen Time

Ladies night is in full effect…

Ryu & Company Super Street Fight April 27

With the official release date comes another trailer. K.O.!

Street Fighter Alpha Fighters Re-Appear

Add Sagat clone, Adon; and Final Fight’s Cody and Guy to the never ending list of fighters returning for Super Street Fighter IV. Is Capcom missing anyone else?

Capcom Contemplating Super S.F. IV For Arcades?

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have Super Street Fighter IV at your local Dave & Buster’s? According to a spokesperson for Capcom, they haven’t really considered it, but it would be a simple transition. Kotaku reports the following: But Street Fighter IV runs on an actual PC computer tucked away inside those cabinets located in … Continue reading

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