Solar Panel iFlip for iPhone

The solar-powered Dexim DCA199 is made specifically for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The foldable camouflage solar panels have a 2,000mAh lithium-polymer battery that adds 8 hours talk-time and 15 hours for video playback. The battery needs 15 hours of direct sunlight to operate and costs $79.95.

Eton Soulra’s Solar Powered iPod Speaker

This particular iPod speaker won’t require you to carry around any spare batteries, since it pulls all of its juice straight from the sun. The dock will play your iPod for up to 7 hours continuously for every full charge it receives. Although it’s not waterproof, it is actually water-resistant, so should it get a … Continue reading

Solar Mobile Charging Kiosks

Here’s an interesting concept created by industrial designer Jose Vino: a solar-powered charging station. The public charging solar kiosk grants eco-friendly users the ability to charge their smartphones via renewable solar energy. The design is created from sheet metal, while the trays are made from acrylic sheets. Unfortunately, it’s just a concept at the moment, … Continue reading

Casio Go’s Green Again with PRG110C-3 Watch

The Green Movement has been a part of Casio’s repertoire for quite some time. Now the company unveils the latest addition to their Pathfinder collection: the PRG110C-3. The solar-powered watch features a small solar panel on the face of the watch and eats sunlight to generate power for it’s rechargeable battery. Casio includes it’s Tough … Continue reading

Joos Orange Solar Charger

Apparently Solar Components’ latest charger produces up somewhere around six to twenty times more power than any other charger on the market. Utilizing the Joos Orange charger’s reflector kit helps produce 30 times more power from reflecting sun rays as well. Sounds a little fishy if you ask us, but we suspect at least six … Continue reading

Solar Water Bottle Shines Light on H2O

Designed by Sollight, the Lightcap300 is a water bottle that features a solar powered LED light. The water bottle combines light and H2O and provides for less carry weight, mainly due to its attached solar panel. Placing the bottle, or even its lid, in the sunlight produces a charge. The Lightcap300 weighs an impressive 275g … Continue reading

Arkema Produces Solar Showers

Earth’s elements come together to sprinkle joy on ecological advancement. Arkema’s Solar Shower utilizes solar power to produce water from the arched overhead sprinkler system. Playing things safe, a thermostat preset at 30/38° C is featured, along with a foot wash to rinse feet. The Solar Shower is available in black, brown, pink, white and … Continue reading

Illumini Solar Power Charger

The Illumi Charger is a light-powered USB wall outlet where one is able to charge their USB devices in a more energy conservative way. In the same manner solar-powered classroom calculators work, this device collects and stores energy from interior lighting, offering free charging power to USB devices. It comes with a couple of USB … Continue reading

Neon Green Glorifies Ecological Solar Backpacks

Finally a solar powered backpack that someone would actually wear. The solar backpacks of yester-year usually look like a JanSport with a glorified calculator solar panel sloppily stitched on, but Neon Green’s backpacks on the other hand are stylish, taking a page out of NorthFace’s book bag. Hit the jump to view the entire collection.

iCharge DX & Lite Accommodate Solar Power Needs

To put it blunt, the battery life on all cellular/smartphones suck. Japanese manufacturer’s Links International introduce two versions of their solar-powered iCharger: the DX and the Lite. The standard DX and smaller Lite chargers work as a three-way amenity; standing in as a solar, AC, and USB charger.

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