Retron 3-in-1 Gaming Console

It’s been a while since we’ve seen those big clunky cartridges of those old school games we grew up on—Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, and lets not forget Final Fantasy. Here’s a chance to take part in a great feat of the retro gaming movement—playing all your old favorites with anything other than the … Continue reading

Set Flames With Sega Lighters

If you’re gonna light up, at least do it in fashion, or in this case geek fashion. Retailer Net-You is taking pre-orders at the moment on these intriguing Sega console lighters. Choose from the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) or the cult-favorable Sega Saturn. Just another great reason to not give up old habits. Nuff … Continue reading

FireCore System Plays & Comes Pre-Loaded W/Genesis Games

Your Sega Genesis cartridges were bound to come in handy one day. The FireCore console reinvigorates the 16-bit era by bundling 30 pre-loaded Genesis games and allowing owners to play their old cartridges. For $50, get it before it becomes extinct at

Sonic & Knuckles Reunite On Xbox Live

Xbox 360 owners, mark September 9th on your calender; especially if you’re a 2D Sonic fan. Why? Sonic & Knuckles will see life on Xbox Live. Members who download Sonic & Knuckles, and have already purchased Sonic 2, will be able to play the blue hedgehog’s second adventure with Knuckles. Ahh, gotta love the Sega … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

The concept of Michael Jackson having his own platform adventure is considered a joke to both gaming critics and gamers. But history has proven that never stopped either from dropping rolls of quarters at the arcades. And once ported to the Sega Genesis, MJ’s adventure would attract the attention of console owners, becoming one of … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Shadow Dancer

This Shinobi spin-off is debatably the greatest of the 16-bit Shinobi titles. Shadow Dancer is best remembered for introducing man’s best friend as your most reliable weapon when dodging bullets and shurikens. Mushashi and his K-9 was the equivalent to Mega Man and his robotic mutt Rush–with the exception of transforming into a hover board … Continue reading

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