Who Saw Paranormal Activity 3 Coming? Everyone!

With the SAW series overstaying its welcome the past few years, audiences can expect the Paranormal Activity series to fill that void every Halloween. At least that’s what it looks like. After a strong opening weekend (and most likely ending its run with over $100 million at the box office), Paramount Pictures informed Dread Central … Continue reading

Official Saw 3D Theatrical Trailer

Why, hello there…Dr. Gordon. The final SAW 3D trailer hits theaters this weekend, and it does something that none of the trailers in the franchise haven’t done…show some spoilers. SAW 3D hits theaters October 29th.

New SAW 3D Poster Grabs You by the Heart

We always kept the SAW series close to our chest, but this motion poster is absolutely nuts. Lionsgate at their finest! See it in action over here.

SAW VII Writers Gush Film Details

Scribers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan sat down withBloody Disgusting to discuss the seventh, and hopefully final installment of the “SAW” series. Jigsaw’s role, the most gruesome trap yet, 3D…pretty interesting stuff. BD: How much of Tobin Bell will we see in ‘Saw VII’? Patrick: He’s in it…I don’t know if he has as much … Continue reading

Dr. Gordon Finally Returns…for Saw 3-D

Everyone was wondering what ever happened to Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) from the first “SAW” film. It’s simple, the Dr. Gordon character was only referenced in the other sequels because the actor sued the producers of the original for not receiving his full percentage of profits as promised. Fortunately, Lionsgate managed to get him in … Continue reading

Saw II Video Game Teaser Trailer

Looks familiar doesn’t it? Jigsaw gets his way with another Saw videogame courtesy of Konami. Live or Die…you choose.

SAW Endgame Concludes Franchise

And so there won’t be two more films necessary to end the gorefest that is the SAW franchise. This time it’ll just be the seventh film that lays Jigsaw to rest, at least that’s what co-writer Patrick Melton states. Latino Review actually dug up an interesting interview from U.K Radio station 107.5 Demon FM, where … Continue reading

Terminator Franchise Joins the House of Jigsaw?

It’s no secret the Terminator franchise is up for sale…again. With Warner Bros. out of the picture…again…and the latest film Terminator: Salvation being a box office failure…Deadline Hollywood picks up the news that Lionsgate is in the hunt to nab the series:

SAW VII 3-D’ing October 2010

Mark October 22, 2010 on your calender before Jigsaw marks it on your chest. Lionsgate made the announcement and look to make a bigger impact than their previous installments.

Saw VII Shot Entirely In 3-D

During Lionsgate’s yearly Saw press day, producer Mark Berg politic’d with IGN about Saw VII and the film’s 3-D filming integration. “Saw, just by the way it’s shot, lends itself to being a 3-D movie,…We saw a test that somebody did, a minute of Saw transferred from 2-D to 3-D and it looked great. We’re … Continue reading

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