An Un-Marveling Avengers Teaser Trailer

What a tease. It’s the same Samuel L. Jackson narrated teaser from Comic-Con 2010. They could of at least thrown some flash scenes from the previous Marvel films to add some hype; especially from “Thor” and “Captain America.” Fail of the day! [ ?posts_id=3988540&dest=-1] Advertisements

Samuel L Jackson Confirms Nick Fury Film

Marvel fans are aware that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury character will not be featured in the “Thor” film, but he’ll be a part of “The Avengers”, “Iron Man 3” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.” So with a nine picture deal set for the actor, everyone wants to know if the super agent will … Continue reading

Jackson Speaks on Nick Fury in other Marvel Films

Latinoreview got the goods on Samuel L. Jackson’s status on the upcoming “Thor” and “The Avenger.” As we all know, Jackson signed a nine picture deal with Marvel to make guest appearances and possibly star in his own feature film as Nick Fury, but the actor drops some interesting tidbits about his appearances: Did you … Continue reading

Paramount Blasts More Iron Man 2 Screens

Only a few weeks away till Tony Stark returns to the big screen fully loaded. Check out the rest of these Iron Man 2 screens courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Newsflash, Scarlett Johansson is bad!

Iron Man 2 TV Spot

Tony Stark’s and company show off some new footage during the 23rd Annual Kids Choice Awards. Here’s the latest TV spot for “Iron Man 2.”

Tony Stark & Nick Fury Reunite

Those who actually stood after the end credits of Iron Man caught the Nick Fury cameo. Whether his role in Iron Man 2 is being lengthened, who knows and who cares, its Samuel L. Jackson. He’s signed on for 9 Marvel films, so we’ll get our money’s worth. Oh yea, some dude named Robert Downey … Continue reading

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