The Avengers Shooting in 3D This February

We saw the 3D adaptation coming, but not the production date. Superhero Hype reports “The Avengers” film will begin shooting this February in LA, accommodating Robert Downey Jr.’s “Sherlock Holmes 2” shooting schedule. With “Thor” and “Captain America: First Avenger” being released Summer 2011, seems like the perfect marketing tools to tease the blockbuster film. … Continue reading

Paramount Blasts More Iron Man 2 Screens

Only a few weeks away till Tony Stark returns to the big screen fully loaded. Check out the rest of these Iron Man 2 screens courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Newsflash, Scarlett Johansson is bad!

Iron Man 2 Website Blasts New Screens

Paramount Pictures has just unveiled the new Iron Man 2 website, along with these brand new screenshots of the summer blockbuster. Seems like every week there are more incentives to go see this film opening day. We have more for your viewing pleasure.

Iron Man 2 TV Spot

Tony Stark’s and company show off some new footage during the 23rd Annual Kids Choice Awards. Here’s the latest TV spot for “Iron Man 2.”

Scarlet Witch A Maybe in Iron Man 2

FanboyWEB reports “Iron Man 2” cast member Olivia Munn will indeed portray Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch. The G4TV personality created a minor buzz on the web as IMBD casted her as Melina Vostokoff aka Iron Maiden. The Scarlet Witch originally appeared in the X-Men comics (#4) and so happens to be a … Continue reading

Ritchie Drops Lobo, Prefers Holmes Sequel

Looks like that Sherlock Holmes crew is getting a little comfortable dropping out of projects in favor of others. A few weeks ago Robert Downey Jr. dropped out of Cowboys and Aliens to work on the Sherlock sequel, now director Guy Ritchie is apparently dropping the DC Comics adaptation of Lobo to work on the … Continue reading

Downey Jr. Set For Holmes Sequel

Leave it to the rebel Robert Downey Jr. to drop out of one film and jump onto a projected sequel. Going back on his commitment to star in the movie Cowboys and Aliens, Downey will reprise is role as Sherlock Holmes for the sequel to the 2009 holiday blockbuster. reports Warner Bros. execs seek … Continue reading

Inglorious Basterd Set For Sherlock Sequel?

A strong holiday debut can lead to some great casting news. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s crime-caper blockbuster Sherlock Holmes didn’t beat James Cameron’s Avatar this X-mas weekend, but it brought in enough to gain the interest of one of Hollywood’s biggest acts for a possible role in the premeditated sequel: Brad Pitt:

Official Iron Man 2 Trailer & Stills


Iron Man 3 Villain Revealed

No one has even seen a trailer for Iron Man 2, yet rumors are swirling around of actor Faran Tahir (leader of the Ten Rings terrorist organization that held Tony Stark hostage in the first film) returning to play the villain in the third film; Mandarin. Tahir told Moviefone the following:

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