Speculation Turns into Negotiations for Rodriguez and Deadpool Film

Seems like Robert Rodriguez’s stock continues to soar with 20th Century Fox, as the LA Times reports the “Predators” director is in negotiations to direct the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” spinoff, “Deadpool.” Rodriguez was offered directorial duties a few months back after the studio fell in love with his work on the Grindhouse spinoff “Machete,” and … Continue reading

Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

It didn’t pull in big numbers like “Aliens vs Predator,” but “Predators” did well enough to get the sequel treatment. At least that’s what producer Robert Rodriguez discussed with fans at Comic-Con 2010. Here’s what the “Sin City” director had to say about 20th Century Fox’s decision:

Predators Character Bio 6: Hanzo

Billy’s Rambo knife failed him in the original “Predator,” but can Hanzo’s katana save him from an army of alien hunters? Here’s a look at the Yakuza specialist in this new “Predators” trailer. Click here to check out the other character trailers.

Predators Clip, “It’s Here”


Predators Clip, “Over Here”

“Want some Candy?” Opps, wrong Predator film. These clips get better and better.

Red Band Predators International Trailer

Thank god Fox didn’t make this film PG-13. There will be blood…and spinal cord rips! Click here to see the Predators revealed.

Oh Sh*t, Predators Revealed

We’ll let the images speak for itself. Speechless…

Predators Character Posters

Looks like we might have two survivors here. Call it a hunch. Predators is beaming it’s infrared July 9th. Check out the trailer if you haven’t caught up on Robert Rodriguez pet project.

Predators Film Posters

Sick!!! Hit the jump to check out the other two posters, and don’t forget to check out the character bios for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators:

Predators Character Bio 5: Noland

The remaining surviver left on the Predators home planet get his own profile trailer. Here’s Laurence Fishburne as the lone star, Noland.

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