Predators Character Bio 6: Hanzo

Billy’s Rambo knife failed him in the original “Predator,” but can Hanzo’s katana save him from an army of alien hunters? Here’s a look at the Yakuza specialist in this new “Predators” trailer. Click here to check out the other character trailers. [ ?posts_id=3850653&dest=-1] Advertisements

Predators Clip, “It’s Here”

“Run!!!!” [ ?posts_id=3841248&dest=-1]

Predators Clip, “Over Here”

“Want some Candy?” Opps, wrong Predator film. These clips get better and better. [ ?posts_id=3841791&dest=-1]

Predators Film Posters

Sick!!! Hit the jump to check out the other two posters, and don’t forget to check out the character bios for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators:

AVP: Redemption Fan-Made Film

Isn’t it funny how fan-made trailers put Hollywood adaptations to shame. Here’s the proof. Filmmaker Alex A. Popov spent two years and supposedly $500 to create his own film installment in the Aliens Vs. Predator franchise. This is some really impressive work. 20th Century Fox…take notes. [ ?posts_id=3659651&dest=-1]

Predators Character Bio 5: Noland

The remaining surviver left on the Predators home planet get his own profile trailer. Here’s Laurence Fishburne as the lone star, Noland. [ ?posts_id=3597655&dest=-1]

Predators Character Bio 4: Cuchillo

Robert Rodriguez regular, Danny Trejo, lends his talents as the ruthless Mexican cartel drug lord, Cuchillo. Is he built to take on the “Predators” universe? [ ?posts_id=3565364&dest=-1]

Predators Character Bio 3: Isabelle

Robert Rodriguez drops another character bio for the upcoming Predators film. Here’s a look at femme fatale: Isabelle. [ ?posts_id=3536799&dest=-1]

Predators Character Bio 2: Edwin

20th Century Fox reveals another bio for Topher Grace’s character in Robert Rodriguez’s Predators: Edwin. Looks like a pure wimp. Will he receive a pity pass in the film or receive no mercy from the alien species? [ ?posts_id=3500252&dest=-1]

Second Predators Featurette

Director Nirod Natal and producer Robert Rodriguez speak on the upcoming Predators rehash. Keeps looking better and better. [ ?posts_id=3499162&dest=-1]

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