Predators Character Bio 6: Hanzo

Billy’s Rambo knife failed him in the original “Predator,” but can Hanzo’s katana save him from an army of alien hunters? Here’s a look at the Yakuza specialist in this new “Predators” trailer. Click here to check out the other character trailers. Advertisements

Predators Clip, “It’s Here”


Predators Clip, “Over Here”

“Want some Candy?” Opps, wrong Predator film. These clips get better and better.

Predators Film Posters

Sick!!! Hit the jump to check out the other two posters, and don’t forget to check out the character bios for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators:

AVP: Redemption Fan-Made Film

Isn’t it funny how fan-made trailers put Hollywood adaptations to shame. Here’s the proof. Filmmaker Alex A. Popov spent two years and supposedly $500 to create his own film installment in the Aliens Vs. Predator franchise. This is some really impressive work. 20th Century Fox…take notes.

Predators Character Bio 5: Noland

The remaining surviver left on the Predators home planet get his own profile trailer. Here’s Laurence Fishburne as the lone star, Noland.

Predators Character Bio 4: Cuchillo

Robert Rodriguez regular, Danny Trejo, lends his talents as the ruthless Mexican cartel drug lord, Cuchillo. Is he built to take on the “Predators” universe?

Predators Character Bio 3: Isabelle

Robert Rodriguez drops another character bio for the upcoming Predators film. Here’s a look at femme fatale: Isabelle.

Predators Character Bio 2: Edwin

20th Century Fox reveals another bio for Topher Grace’s character in Robert Rodriguez’s Predators: Edwin. Looks like a pure wimp. Will he receive a pity pass in the film or receive no mercy from the alien species?

Second Predators Featurette

Director Nirod Natal and producer Robert Rodriguez speak on the upcoming Predators rehash. Keeps looking better and better.

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