World’s The Most Intelligent Keyboard

Smartfish introduces the ErgoMotion Keyboard, the world’s first intelligent keyboard that prevents Repetitive Stress Injury. The keyboard features a patented motion system that studies your typing frequency and subtly changes your hand and wrist position while you work.

Get Ready. Call of Duty: Black Ops Arrives Nov 9th. Watch the Launch Trailer Now.

The biggest name in military games gets its next installment on November 9 — So here’s a new inside look at the ground breaking first person shooter “Black Ops”

Prejudice™ Multiplayer Beta Announced

Award-winning independent developer and publisher TimeGate Studios is pleased to announce it will host a multiplayer beta for its forthcoming sci-fi shooter sequel Section 8: Prejudice on Windows PC. Sign-ups for the beta test are now open at, with the test currently planned to launch this fall. The beta will provide participants with their … Continue reading

Yoda Enlightens Chosen One In New Force Unleashed 2 Trailer

We continue our “Star Wars” kick with the latest Force Unleashed II trailer. The great Yoda shares words of wisdom with protagonist, Starkiller.

Oh Sh*t, Bioshock: Infinite Announced!

Irrational Games takes great pleasure in sharing with gamers next Bioshock title, dubbed Infinite. And judging by the trailer, it seems we’re not in Rapture anymore. The new title takes gamers outside of the water utopia and into the city skies of Columbia. Absolutely sick!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Boba Fett Teaser Trailer

Can’t have a Star Wars game without the infamous bounty hunter. Do you agree? Another Comic-Con surprise! Respect to Eurogamer for the footage.

Oh Sh*t, Medal of Honor Limited Edition Trailer

Who didn’t see this coming? See what goods await those who pick up the Medal of Honor Limited Edition bundle. Pre-order now, October 12 isn’t that far.

Capcom Announces Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Pack for Europe

Go figure, another collector’s edition not hitting the states. Capcom gives Europe the Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Pack, which consists of a 12” zombie figurine and accessories like a Servbot head, along with a download token for a bonus theme pack. Here’s a look at the cover art for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Pandora Portable Gaming System up for Pre-Order

The combination of a PC and Gaming console, the Pandora finally sees the light of day after two years and its second run of production. It’s quite expensive at $350, so we’re not talking about DS or PSP prices here. Those interested in open-source hardware might dish out the money for it. With only 4,000 … Continue reading

Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Footage Leaks

Well, well, well….look what we have here. Leaked beta footage of Star Wars: The Old Republic just hit the web and Glimpse Web scooped the footage pronto. With Bioware at the helm, things look pretty bright. PC gamers can stop whining; a quality franchise MMO is here. Here’s a peak:

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