Peter Jackson to Return for The Hobbit?

“Lord of the Ring” fans have knew for years that director Peter Jackson has had a chip on his shoulder and completing the trilogy for New Line Cinema, and with “The Hobbit” prequels purchased by MGM, the project has been in limbo for about 5 years. Looks like the film studio is pretty close to … Continue reading

Heavy Rain Pours on the Big Screen

According to Deadline, Unique Features is on the cusp of gaining the film rights to the PS3 action/thriller video game Heavy Rain. The story focuses on four characters that are in the search for the Origami Killer; a murderer who kidnaps children and drowns them. Warner Bros. right now has a first look deal with … Continue reading

TMNT Reboot Gives Turtles New Look?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask that has been rumored to be the prototype of the new live-action movie set to release in 2011 has been confirmed to be false. The mask, coincidentally, was a class project by an art student at Tom Savini’s Pennsylvania make-up school.

Freddy’s Second Coming 3D Bound?

There’s shrieks being made around the New Line Cinema offices about pushing a sequel for “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” as the film managed to pull off big numbers in it’s opening weekend. The bigger news comes in the company looking to give Freddy Krueger the 3D treatment this time around (remember this scenario with … Continue reading

Nightmare on Elmstreet Micronap Clip

Dreaming while your still awake. There’s no escaping Freddy!

Final Nightmare on Elmstreet Trailer

Here’s the official final trailer for Freddy’s resurrection. The footage might look familiar, but it’s not. This dude looks more creepier with every new screenshot. “Wake up, Wake Up, Wake UP!”

Gears of War Film Budget Chainsawed

Even with a plethora of anticipation from gaming fans since it’s announcement, the “Gears of War” film has been in limbo for nearly two years. Now comes news from the LA Times that the film will indeed be made, but under half the budget originally proposed:

First Clip of A Nightmare on Elmstreet

Looks like there’s a vampire that has trouble sleeping at night. Here’s a clip of “Twilight” heart-throb Kellan Lutz encountering the infamous son of a hundred maniacs during a little nap. BTW here’s a first look at Freddy exposed. Don’t Fall Asleep! Source:

Gandolf Claims Hobbit Film Begins Shooting This June

Sir Ian McKellan claims “The Hobbit” film will starting shooting this June in New Zealand, and drops an interesting tidbit on the “franchise.”

Keep Her Awake From Freddy Game is Ingenious

How clever is this. To keep the nightmares going, New Line Cinema has created this unique interactive game, where viewers give one of Freddy Krueger’s victims a fighting chance of survival by providing her numerous options. Exercise, caffeine pills, radio play, self-inflicting burns…the alternatives are pretty interesting. See how long you last before the “son … Continue reading

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