Retron 3-in-1 Gaming Console

It’s been a while since we’ve seen those big clunky cartridges of those old school games we grew up on—Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, and lets not forget Final Fantasy. Here’s a chance to take part in a great feat of the retro gaming movement—playing all your old favorites with anything other than the … Continue reading

Fan-Made Super Mario Bros. X Trailer

Super Mario Bros. Crossover set of a chain reaction of Mario mash-ups, and they continue to get better. Super Mario Bros. X takes different gaming elements from the previous 2D Mario games and throws in some co-op play and a level editor. Mario Paint fans will really enjoy this. Feel free to download the game … Continue reading

Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Joins Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Before it was Link, Samus and even Mega, now Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu ventures into the Mushroom Kingdom. And dude catches wreck. This is pretty sick. Here’s a look at the other characters from the Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

The Ultimate Super Mario Crossover

If you ever wanted to play the original Super Mario Bros. with Mega Man, Link, Samus; or even Contra’s Bill R. or Castlevania’s Simon; now’s your opportunity. The screenshot doesn’t lie. Head over to New Grounds site and enjoy the 8-bit crossover.

Mega Man 9 Gets HD Remix Treatment from Independent Developer

Remember few months back when that NES 8-bit rendition of Left 4 Dead swarmed YouTube? Well developer Eric Ruth decided to utilize his talents again and create a high-def version of Mega Man 9. Ruth programmed the Galaxy Man level (displayed below) and remixed the original game’s soundtrack as well, but has not programmed the … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Gun.Smoke

Gunslinging on the NES, ahh, the classics. While the arcade version of Capcom’s cowboy shootem’up was a standout, the home console version for the Nintendo Entertainment System would prove to be the prominent version. The Red Dead Revolver of it’s time, saddle up and step in the dirt-clogged boots of bounty hunter Billy Bob (how … Continue reading

NES Controller iPhone Case

Nostalgic Nintendo feens can go bonkers over Etsy’s new NES Controller Felt iPhone Case. Not bad for $25. Now all we need is some roms, a better control scheme for the iPhone, and everything is peachy.

Retro-Active: Gradius

In a time where beat’em-ups and sport games reign supreme, space shooters never receives any props. During the 8-bit era, equality was shared amongst several gaming genres. And we’re sure somewhere in your NES collection lies Konami’s Gradius. This horizontal shooter was an upgrade from the traditional space shooters of its time, incorporating a new … Continue reading

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