Seeking Metroid Prime Trilogy, Better Get it NOW!

If you’ve been trying to purchase Metroid Prime: Triology, Nintendo has unfortunate news: it’s no longer in stock. Better news: it’s only available from 2nd or 3rd party vendors on If you went as far as contacting Nintendo you probably received a message that read: “Unfortunately, Metroid Prime Trilogy is no longer being shipped. … Continue reading

GameQ Wednesday

When it comes to comic book games, one thought comes to mind: 80% of them suck. And considering the new Batman game had been delayed at the last minute a few months back, our hopes were beginning to dwindle even more. But the reviews have come pouring in and guess what…Batman: Arkham Asylum is the … Continue reading

The Metroid Prime Trilogy Hitting The Wii

The Nintendo Wii has become this generation’s PS2. How so? Port after Port continues to flood the system’s catalog. But here’s an announcement that we all saw coming and are excited about. Considering the latest re-released Gamecube titles utilizing the Wii-motion sensor controls (Pikmin, Mario Tennis, etc.), Nintendo has decided to release the Metroid Trilogy. … Continue reading

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