Sony Introduces Metal Gear Solid Headphones

In celebration of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Sony introduces PSPgo-ers to the MGS W-Series Walkman Headphones. This headset comes preset with the game soundtrack, a coupon to unlock special characters, and sports a quick charge feature that allows for 90-minutes of playback on a 3-minute charge. Built for the biggest Snake fans. Advertisements

MGS: Peace Walker Collector’s Edition Announced

Pretty sure this news doesn’t come as a surprise, because pure greatness is always expected from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. At Gamestop, the Metal Gear Solid: Peace “Collector’s Edition” will be available along with an “exclusive artbook,” priced at $50. An artbook only? More please! Source:

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Waker Pre-Order Goodie

Before PSPgo owners get excited…it’s only for Japan. Famitsu revealed two pre-order giveaways for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. One is a jigsaw puzzled labeled “Love & Peace” and the second is a water bottle/key chain (hence it’s grenade form) made from aluminum and brandishing the Peace Walker logo. Perfect device to sneak booze into … Continue reading

MGS: Peace Walker Slated For May 2010

PSP and Metal Gear Solid fans finally have a release date for Peace Walker: May 25, 2011. Set in between the original Metal Gear and MGS: Portable Ops, the story follows Naked Snake in his adventure to create the Outer Heaven. Four-player co-op will also be available. Sony has another smash awaiting in the wings … Continue reading

MGS: Peace Walker Demo Targeted

PSP owners can download a demo of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the game’s official page at 6:00 PM, Japan time. It’s the same demo present at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Sony’s trying everything to push those PSP Go’s!

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