Nintendo 3DS Commercial Wows Us

Nintendo’s corporate big dogs get owned by they’re own creation. Check out the hilarious E3 commercial spot for the Nintendo 3DS. Advertisements

Mario Sports Mix Announced

Nintendo’s enjoyed some success with the Super Mario sports spin-offs and now it’ll combine a number of sports games into one with the Wii’s Mario Sports Mix. Join the Mushroom Kingdom and compete in Football, Ice Hockey, Beach Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, Volleyball and more. Mario Sports Mix will be available in 2011, with more news … Continue reading

Fan-Made Super Mario Bros. X Trailer

Super Mario Bros. Crossover set of a chain reaction of Mario mash-ups, and they continue to get better. Super Mario Bros. X takes different gaming elements from the previous 2D Mario games and throws in some co-op play and a level editor. Mario Paint fans will really enjoy this. Feel free to download the game … Continue reading

NMS Showcases Second Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

The E3 trailer last year put Mario Galaxy 2 on every gamer’s radar. The 2010 Nintendo Media Summit trailer proves one thing…Nintendo continues to amaze us. Yoshi Rules!

Infinite Lives Glitch Found In New Super Mario Bros. Wii

DS owners found the same glitch in New Super Mario Bros., now they’ll find it in Mario’s latest Wii adventure. This should make the game much easier now, if it isn’t already with the multiplayer.

2 U.S. New Super Mario Bros. Wii TV Spots

2 commercials! A double dose of Mario madness!

More Mario & Sonic At The Winter Olympics Madness

Watch the Mario and Sonic All-Stars do their thing on the slopes.

Luigi Reaches His Boiling Point

Who knew Luigi had such hostility in him. That damn Mario!

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