Machete Brisk Commercial Sums Up Film & Brings LOLs

Remember those hilarious claymation Lipton Brisk commercials from the 90’s? Yea you do. Now the iced tea company snagged actor Danny Trejo to lend his vocals to a new commercial mimicking his trademark character, Machete. Don’t forget to wash your hands (It’ll all make sense when you watch it, lol). [ ?posts_id=4613421&dest=-1] Advertisements

Machete Kills’ Script Complete

Don’t be fooled—Machete wasn’t a blockbuster. It fared well enough with many filmgoers to greenlit a sequel. And now comes word from franchise star Danny Trejo of director Robert Rodriguez finishing up the script for first planned sequel—Machete Kills:

Speculation Turns into Negotiations for Rodriguez and Deadpool Film

Seems like Robert Rodriguez’s stock continues to soar with 20th Century Fox, as the LA Times reports the “Predators” director is in negotiations to direct the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” spinoff, “Deadpool.” Rodriguez was offered directorial duties a few months back after the studio fell in love with his work on the Grindhouse spinoff “Machete,” and … Continue reading

Anyone Wanna See 8 Minutes of Machete Footage?

Oh course you do. Here’s an 8-minute glimpse of Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” spin-off: Machete. [ ?posts_id=3952196&dest=-1]

Oh Sh*t, Red Band Machete Trailer

Yea, he uses the dude’s intestines as a rope…wtf? It’s so cheesy, it’s so “Grindhouse”…its AWESOME! How does IGN score these exclusives? [ ?posts_id=3938865&dest=-1]

More Kick Ass Machete Posters

There will be bloodshed. Breeze though these new character posters for Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete.” Catch up with the trailer here.

Fox Wants Rodriguez to Direct Deadpool Film

More than pleased with the results of “Predators” and “Machete,” 20th Century Fox is considering keeping Robert Rodriguez on the payroll, offering him directing duties for the planned Marvel adaptation of Deadpool. The Playlist puts it all together:

The Grindhouse Returns W/ All-Star Cast?

Those who experienced the classic resurrection of the Grindhouse (Planet Terror/Death Proof) got to experience the balls-out trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. We know you haven’t forgot? Yea, the movie failed at the box-office, but the critical acclaim has opened the door for one final curtain call. With Danny Trejo reprising his role as the … Continue reading

Spy Kids Director To Helm Predator Remake

I’m sure the headline caught your attention. IESB has officially confirmed Sin City director Robert Rodriguez as the the helmer for the future Predator reboot. Spread as a rumor a couple of months back, Rodriguez has expressed interest in remaking the sci-fi classic, putting his own twist to the film and renaming it Predators.

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