Official Saw 3D Theatrical Trailer

Why, hello there…Dr. Gordon. The final SAW 3D trailer hits theaters this weekend, and it does something that none of the trailers in the franchise haven’t done…show some spoilers. SAW 3D hits theaters October 29th. Advertisements

New SAW 3D Poster Grabs You by the Heart

We always kept the SAW series close to our chest, but this motion poster is absolutely nuts. Lionsgate at their finest! See it in action over here.

Kick-Ass 2 Starts Pre-Production Next April

Yea, “Kick-Ass” didn’t really pulverize the box office, but writer Mark Millar and director Matthew Vaughn know exactly what the hardcore fans really want. In an exclusive with MovieWeb, Millar gave fans an update on the sequel, dubbed “Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall.”

Stallone Talks Rambo Prequel

Every actor in “The Expendables” owes John Rambo a royalty check because John Rambo’s legacy will never die. Slyvester Stallone hinted at the possibility of a prequel for the action franchise to birthed three successful sequels. Stallone told AICN the following:

Saw 3D Teaser Trailer

And it all comes down to this…in 3D of course. October 22, 2010! October 29, 2010!

All Eye on Saw 3-D Poster

Bloody Disgusting catches our eye with the latest Saw 3-D film poster. Just in time for Comic-Con 2010. Expect some footage to be revealed at the ultimate geek convention this weekend.

New Expendables Trailer Sticks it to Chick Flicks

Time to claims what’s ours fellas. Swarm the theaters and stick it to the “Sex and the City” crowd. Here’s a look at “The Expendables” Call to Arms Trailer. Let the guns blow!

The Expendables Film Clip

Stallone: “Bullets are faster than blades” Statham: “We’ll see”

Kane & Lynch Film Poster

2011, Bruce Willis and Jaime Foxx get psychotic on us with the big screen video game adaptation of “Kane & Lynch.” Millennium Films and Lionsgate are ready to load up on guns and Vicodin.

Is Rambo 5 Really Dead?

First Sylvester Stallone claims the project is dead, but judging by the recent film poster shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Millennium Films might have something different to say. Executive Producer of “The Expendables,” Boaz Davidson caught up with Deadline magazine and broke down the actual film’s synopsis.

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