More God of War: Ghost of Sparta Screens

Can the Ghost of Sparta save the Sony PSP? We’ll see now won’t we. Until then, here’s some screen to fill your God of War appetite. Advertisements

E3 2010: God of War Ghost of Sparta Trailer

Sony reveals a teaser for the upcoming PSP God of War: Ghost of Sparta during their E3 2010 press conference. We want more damnit!

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Announced for PSP

Seems like that Spartans Stand Tall teaser site was actually code for an all-new God of War game, titled Ghost of Sparta. The PSP exclusive takes place after the original G.O.W. title and focuses on Kratos “rise to power.” The same team responsible for Chains of Olympus will helm the portable sequel, with a projected … Continue reading

The Gods Unleash God of War Trilogy in Europe

The God of War Trilogy boxset is set to massacre Europe in April. If it wasn’t obvious from the title, the package contains all three titles in the anger management epic. Releasing at the same time as the God of War Collection, which includes the original game and the first sequel, the Trilogy will cost … Continue reading

Epic God of War III Trailer

“Vengence, my creed!”

God of War III Collector’s $10 Off @ Amazon

Anyone who finds $100 for the God of War III: Ultimate Edition a little too steep for their pockets might find Amazon’s special more pleasing. Those who pre-order the item right now on the website can get the game for $10 less; $89.99. Plus free shipping and handling; and a voucher with a code for … Continue reading

God of War III Online Co-op?

That’s the rumor floating around. During a recent Q&A with TheGamerAccess, Sony was asked,“Will God of War III have online cooperative modes?” Their response, “Yes.” Though it may sound like it is set in stone, we’ll wait for the official confirmation from Sony. But how big would that be?

God of War III Demo Completes Collection

Sony found the perfect incentive to push the God of War Collection (I and II) this holiday: Bundle it with a G.O.W. III demo. Eacy copy will include a voucher to download the demo on the Playstation Network. Sounds like a stunt Microsoft would pull.

Kratos Shows His Mighty Mugg

Likhang Pinoy Customs crafted this exclusive Kratos figure for Mighty Muggs, with hand-crafted weaponry and blood-stained apparel. Just the gift to give your young ones. We recommend sticking to Street Fighter Muggs.

E3 2009 Coverage: Soul Caliber Broken Destiny

Sony continues to whore their biggest asset: God of War’s Kratos. So yes, he’ll be a playable character in the portable fighting game. And yes, its being compared to the Soul Caliber 4.

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