Capcom Contemplating Super S.F. IV For Arcades?

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have Super Street Fighter IV at your local Dave & Buster’s? According to a spokesperson for Capcom, they haven’t really considered it, but it would be a simple transition. Kotaku reports the following: But Street Fighter IV runs on an actual PC computer tucked away inside those cabinets located in … Continue reading

Nintendo Wii Price Cut?

The picture doesn’t lie. Toys ‘R’ Us latest ad for the Nintendo Wii price cut has leaked online, with the system being priced at $199.99. Talk about the holiday for next-gen system price cuts. Which will you pick up when Santa Claus comes to town?

The Black Nintendo Wii

Kotaku got the exclusive on the latest Wii system. Nothing new, just the color: Metallic Black. And its beautiful. Its set to hit Japan in August and no word yet when it will be available in the states. The accessories look beautiful. What took them so long?

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