Iron Man Director Being Replaced for I.M. 3

After directing the first two blockbuster films and banking in more than $1 billion in worldwide sales, Vulture reports director Jon Favreau will not be returning to helm the third Iron Man film. Signs showed that Favreau’s directing duties were coming to an end, as he was not informed of any storyline information concerning Iron … Continue reading

The Avengers Shooting in 3D This February

We saw the 3D adaptation coming, but not the production date. Superhero Hype reports “The Avengers” film will begin shooting this February in LA, accommodating Robert Downey Jr.’s “Sherlock Holmes 2” shooting schedule. With “Thor” and “Captain America: First Avenger” being released Summer 2011, seems like the perfect marketing tools to tease the blockbuster film. … Continue reading

An Un-Marveling Avengers Teaser Trailer

What a tease. It’s the same Samuel L. Jackson narrated teaser from Comic-Con 2010. They could of at least thrown some flash scenes from the previous Marvel films to add some hype; especially from “Thor” and “Captain America.” Fail of the day!

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Screenshots

Everything’s coming together smoothly for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Where’s the Viewtiful Joe screens fellas? You can’t leave him out on this one. Click here to check out the MVC3’s teaser trailer. And here’s a look at some amazing screens:

Two Avengers Marvel the Nike Swoosh

Brassmonki shows two Avengers some love, fashionably late for the “Iron Man 2” date. We’re not complaining here because Steve Rogers and Tony Stark know how to pimp a shoe. Here a glimpse at some other great designs:

Iron Man’s Favorite USB Drive

Here’s a gizmo Tony Stark might flaunt around with him, an Iron Man USB Drive. The 3-inch replicated flash drive bears the superhero design and features the infamous triangular chest plate, with pop-top head for USB accessibility. Prices start at $34.99 and memory ranges from 4GB to 32GB, which might be a little to small … Continue reading

Paramount Blasts More Iron Man 2 Screens

Only a few weeks away till Tony Stark returns to the big screen fully loaded. Check out the rest of these Iron Man 2 screens courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Newsflash, Scarlett Johansson is bad!

Iron Man 2 Website Blasts New Screens

Paramount Pictures has just unveiled the new Iron Man 2 website, along with these brand new screenshots of the summer blockbuster. Seems like every week there are more incentives to go see this film opening day. We have more for your viewing pleasure.

Iron Man 2 TV Spot

Tony Stark’s and company show off some new footage during the 23rd Annual Kids Choice Awards. Here’s the latest TV spot for “Iron Man 2.”

Explosive Iron Man 2 International Poster

Looks like the gang is all there. Amazing how much international posters differ from the stateside one-sheets.

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