Style Made Durable For The iPhone 4

Ballistic HC Premium protective case for your iPhone 4 offers durability with style to fit your everyday life Ballistic HC (Hard Core) design comprised of five dependable layers of protection for your mobile device Includes an interchangeable outer gel skin layer, front facing inward holster and built in screen protector Advanced rugged case engineered to … Continue reading

Talk About an i-Universal Remote

GEAR4’s solution to the iPhone and iPod Touch’s sad lack of built-in infrared functionality comes in the form of the Unity Remote. This universal remote is an infrared hub that talks to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via Bluetooth through a free to download app. You place it anywhere and send commands from your … Continue reading

Fix iPhone 4 Boo-Boo with Band-Aid

It’s no secret the iPhone 4 antenna is a major problem that can be fixed by sporting a carry case. Now Antenn-aid has created a pair of these Band-Aid type stickers to place on the lower left corner of the iPhone to improve the signal performance. It’s a much cheaper alternative than buying a case. … Continue reading

Talk About An iPhone 4 Lens Upgrade

Talk about a monstrous upgrade in comparison to the iPhone lens. This “iPhone DSLR prototype” is a 1.1lb, solid piece of anodized billet aluminum that sports a full-size Canon EF lens, and is compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4. Is this a real DSLR? Of course not! As many angry camera snobs have … Continue reading

iPhone Scott Pilgrim Game Emulates Punch-Out

Flashbacks of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out are only natural. The second Scott Pilgrim to hit the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad pays homage to the 8-bit NES fighter and has been released just in time for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Fight for Love!

Philips’ Fidelio iPod Dock

Those iPhone docks continue to roll out in masses. Philips introduces the Fidelio iPhone Dock and is running with the campaign slogan “Obsessed with Sound.” We could only hope to be obsessed after looking at this. The Fidelio iPhone Dock is rumored to be available at your nearest Apple Store for $499.99. Damn! For a … Continue reading

Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Kills all Mobile Germs

It never comes to mind home many germs swarm your gadgets every time you use it or let a neighbor toy with. Violight cares for all mobile and media users and introduces the UV Cell Pone Sanitizer, which destroys 99% of germs and bacteria in less than 5 minutes. With that said, just imagine how … Continue reading

iCrystal Docking Stations Sees All That Apple Owners Want

Speakal’s iCrystal Docking Station look stunning. These out-of-this-world speakers work with all iPhones(plus the iPhone 4) and iPods, plus anything else that rocks a 3.5mm headphone jack. It features touch functionality and runs for only $79.99. Pick one up in red, black or white over at Speakal’s website.

iSkin Introduces Three New iPhone 4 Protection Cases

Innovators in i-, blackberry and other smartphone casing, iSkin will be releasing three protection cases for the upcoming iPhone 4. Leading the pack will be the “revo4” case, which is an extension from the best selling and ever-so popular revo series. Up next is the sleek hand-crafted iSkin “enigma”, followed by the stylish “solo” case. … Continue reading

The Icon iPhone Battery Pack

Designers Essential TPE know what iPhone users want and desire in extra battery power. This portable charger plugs right into the dock connector and gives up to 3 extra hours in talk time, using EL (Electroluminescent Lighting) to display battery power; plugged and unplugged. Importers be on the lookout, especially with the iPhone 4 launch … Continue reading

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