iPad 2 Features Surface?

While the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, Steve Jobs and company are already hard at work on the second generation model. And what better day to leak some info on the iPad 2 than on Black Friday? The Chinese newspaper, Economic Daily News, reveals a few new features (some already present in the … Continue reading

Murdoch Plans iPad-Exclusive Newspaper

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp owns a wide range of properties including the Fox Network, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. Now the publishing entrepreneur plans to get into the digital market by creating an iPad-only newspaper—with some help from Steve Jobs and company. Titled “The Daily,” the exclusive publication will be published … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Tab Is Coming

When the time for holiday shopping arrives, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available to on all the big mobile carrier networks: AT&T, Sprint, T- Mobile and Verizon. While the no price info has been leaked, what has leaked are the specs such as the Media Hub–aka a downgrade version of iTunes, but for video, … Continue reading

Pacman Wants Apple Logo on your iPad

Macappeal has created a Pac-Man decal for the iPad. The decal is designed around the ever-elusive Apple symbol. This clever, little design has a Matte Black vinyl finish that gives it a hand-painted look. The Pac-Man decal could be yours for 7 bucks over at Etsy website.

Talk About an i-Universal Remote

GEAR4’s solution to the iPhone and iPod Touch’s sad lack of built-in infrared functionality comes in the form of the Unity Remote. This universal remote is an infrared hub that talks to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via Bluetooth through a free to download app. You place it anywhere and send commands from your … Continue reading

The iDJ Mixing Station

DJ lovers behold! You’re getting a glimpse at Psychic Factory’s Numark iDJ Music Mixing Station for the iPad—a power-packed DJ performance device with a dual-deck layout. Bringing down the neighborhood with your house band, mixing tracks or polishing your skills in piano drums and guitar—this is the device that’ll help you. The designers promise a … Continue reading

iPhone Scott Pilgrim Game Emulates Punch-Out

Flashbacks of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out are only natural. The second Scott Pilgrim to hit the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad pays homage to the 8-bit NES fighter and has been released just in time for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Fight for Love!

iLuv Introduces Three New Portables Speakers

iLuv has added three small and portable speaker options, each providing high-quality sound and eliminating that pesky cable clutter. The options include a mini clip speaker, a portable speaker bar and a pair of newly designed cube speakers—all powered by USB. All three iLuv speakers work with Mac or PC. See the breakdown of each … Continue reading

ExoPC Slate Tablet Gives iPad Some Competition

ExoPC will soon release the Slate—a Windows-based tablet, which is larger and said to be more powerful than the iPad. With the availability of 32GB or 64GB SSD storage and 2GB of memory at your disposal, the Slate supports Flash and Wi-Fi. The tablet comes with an onscreen keyboard, multiple USB ports, a 1.3 megapixel … Continue reading

Gold-Encrusted iPad, Damn!

Laced 53 diamonds around the Apple logo and covered in a 22-carrot gold casting, you gotta give it toStuart Hughes, they know how to style an iPad. With only 10 available on the market, big dogs can purchase one for $189,000. ***Not to self, do not flaunt iPad in public.

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