iLuv Introduces Three New Portables Speakers

iLuv has added three small and portable speaker options, each providing high-quality sound and eliminating that pesky cable clutter. The options include a mini clip speaker, a portable speaker bar and a pair of newly designed cube speakers—all powered by USB. All three iLuv speakers work with Mac or PC. See the breakdown of each … Continue reading

iLuv iMM190 Serves as Dock and Stereo System

Available nationwide, iLuv is proud to introduce their all-new the iMM 190 App Station. The iPod/iPhone dock supports a special application titled “iLuv App Clock,” that transforms iMM 190 into an alarm clock with a “large digital display,” and offers current weather conditions. What makes this accessory even better is the multimedia speaker dock combines … Continue reading

iLuv’s iMM178 iPod Alarm Clock Prepped to Wake all Sleepies

Even alarm clocks have to migrate to the next-gen. iLuv’s new iMM178 Vibe Plus iPod dock/alarm clock pushes it’s “Alarming” features by introducing a Bed Shaker. Not only will you wake up to you’re favorite track when the sun rises, but you’ll wake up to the sensual vibration of the iMM178. The bed shaker attachment … Continue reading

iLuv Adorns iPad with Chic Accessories

iLuv really compels you to style your iPad with it’s lineup of stylish accessories. With all the countless color designed cases and water-resistant neoprene sleeves, it’s hard to choose which product can depict your style and personality. iPad owners have the option of dining their latest Apple commodity with a Leather Case available in black … Continue reading

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