Dead Space 2 Story Trailer Digs Deeper into Plot

EA unleashes their latest trailer for the space horror sequel, Dead Space 2. If you’re curious to know what happened on earth or the rise of planet crackers, move ahead. If you haven’t even touched the prequel or the first entry, keep it moving. Isaac Clarke got his hands full. Advertisements

Thought You Were Dead! Ving Rhames Returns for Piranha 3DD?

If you actually spent money this summer to see Piranha 3D, you definitely saw the carnivorous fish take more than a chunk out of Ving Rhames character. But according to a recent interview withBlood-Disgusting, the fan favorite hints at Dimension Films bringing him back for upcoming 3D sequel: “They’re talking about [it], because you don’t … Continue reading

Capcom Reveals Screens For Both Resident Evil Nintendo 3DS Games

The Nintendo 3DS is nearly three and a half months away from launch, and Capcom looks to bank on the 3D handheld by releasing two entries in the Resident Evil franchise—RE: Revalations and RE: The Mercenaries 3D.

Jamie Kennedy Teases Scream 4 Cameo, Again!

Someone’s dying for some attention. Scream favorite Jamie Kennedy has been hinting at a possible return as horror nerd, Randy Meeks, in the upcoming Scream 4 since April, and he’s still toying with fans about a possible cameo. Ask Men recently caught up with Kennedy and asked if he would return, to which he replied … Continue reading

Who Saw Paranormal Activity 3 Coming? Everyone!

With the SAW series overstaying its welcome the past few years, audiences can expect the Paranormal Activity series to fill that void every Halloween. At least that’s what it looks like. After a strong opening weekend (and most likely ending its run with over $100 million at the box office), Paramount Pictures informed Dread Central … Continue reading

Become Van Helsing and Battle Classic Monsters in a New online game

SEE VIRTUAL WORLDS SECURES DEAL TO PUBLISH THEMED VIRTUAL WORLD BASED ON THE UNIVERSAL MONSTERS AND VAN HELSING SEE Virtual Worlds, an entertainment company publishing a virtual reality universe of connected planets tied to licensed franchises, today announced a collaborative deal with Universal Partnerships & Licensing to publish a virtual world based on the classic … Continue reading

Scream 4 Teaser Trailer!!!

Look what Officer Dewey dropped off at Spike’s 2010 Scream Awards. Ghostface is back!

Official Saw 3D Theatrical Trailer

Why, hello there…Dr. Gordon. The final SAW 3D trailer hits theaters this weekend, and it does something that none of the trailers in the franchise haven’t done…show some spoilers. SAW 3D hits theaters October 29th.

New Monsters Film Trailer Continues To Amaze Us

We peeped the teaser before, but this new trailer for the upcoming “Monsters” film still has us intrigued. Will it be our answer to “Cloverfield”? Could be!

New SAW 3D Poster Grabs You by the Heart

We always kept the SAW series close to our chest, but this motion poster is absolutely nuts. Lionsgate at their finest! See it in action over here.

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