Metal Gear Solid Rising Set For Summer Release?

Hideo Kojima fans should be thrilled to hear that Gamestop has leaked the release date for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid Rising. Although nothing is set in stone, it’s said that the Konami action title should be shipping on June 3, 2011. Jump on the retailer’s website and pre-order the Xbox 360 or PS3 … Continue reading

Metal Gear Solid 5 Next on Kojima’s Radar?

Word is surfacing around the web about Hideo Kojima telling an unnamed Japanese magazine, presumably Famitsu, that he’s deciding whether he should make Metal Gear Solid 5 for consoles or something completely new. The MGS creator said he wants to do stuff he wasn’t able to get into the the PSP’s MGS: Peace Walker. The … Continue reading

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Footage Appears

Since the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010, footage and screenshots of several games have shown up online. Isn’t that great? So here’s footage of what looks like a 3D port of the PS2 Metal Gear Solid title; Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. Kudos to GoNintendo for the coverage. Click here to … Continue reading

Oh Sh*t, Metal Gear Solid Rising Gameplay Trailer

Dude rips out a robot’s spine…a robot’s spine! Can’t take it anymore, can’t…take it anymore! Watch for yourself.

E3 2009 Coverage: Metal Gear Arcade

Wow, that’s some hi-tech sh*t. Looks just as ridiculous as Steel Battalion. 

E3 2009 Coverage: Metal Gear Solid Mania

Hideo Kojima let us all know he’s working on not one, but four new games. One being a new installment of Castlevania, titled Lords of Shadow, and another being Metal Gear Arcade. Yes, MG Arcade! The game will utilize 3-D googles and be released in Japan in 2010. Excited?

Kojima Playing Games

Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima loves to toy with gamers emotions. Last week he posted a flash page with a countdown and the number 5 (or letter S in block format), creating chaos and mass confusion on the web as to what his latest project is. And the obvious speculation is that the site … Continue reading

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