MDR-EX 1000 Tagged As Sony’s Flagship Headphones

Sony is looking to set new standards with the MDR-EX1000 headphones. These soundblasters deliver a frequency range of 3-30,000Hz and a max input of 200mW through 16mm drivers to ensure a diehard experience. Equipped with ten different earbuds, Sony looks to combine the best of both worlds: perfect fit and sound. If your that much … Continue reading

Wicked Audio’s Latest Headphones Add Flavor To Your Ear

You rarely find fashionable headsets with a low price tag and great sound quality. Fortunately, Wicked Empire’s latest line goes against the grain and gives audiophiles a selection of recession-proof audio headphones with flair. The company offers four different models—each customized with noise-isolation technology, unique features and trendy styles. Check out a breakdown of each … Continue reading

Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones

Are you someone seeing high-quality audio production from a pair of headphones? If you’re guilty of being an audiophile, we’re sure you can appreciate all the perks of the Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones. With an impedance of 30 Ohm, SPL of 96 dB, and a frequency range of 6-42.00 HZ that uses ULE technology, these … Continue reading

Roc Nation Skull Candy Headphones

The Roc Nation Aviator headphones make some of Skull Candy’s other offerings look like Fisher Price material. They’ll be available sometime this June in three colors. No word on the price as of yet, but we’re sure it’ll be no match for Dr. Dre’s Beats. Kudos to Jay-Z nevertheless!

Sony Introduces Metal Gear Solid Headphones

In celebration of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Sony introduces PSPgo-ers to the MGS W-Series Walkman Headphones. This headset comes preset with the game soundtrack, a coupon to unlock special characters, and sports a quick charge feature that allows for 90-minutes of playback on a 3-minute charge. Built for the biggest Snake fans.

iFrogz’s CS40 Headphones Prevent Ear Pollution

Comforting headphones are a rare commodity, but iFrogz’s Comfort Series reshapes the mold on audio opulence. The lightweight CS40 brand prevents “Ear Pollution” and brandishes a compact design that folds up for on-the-go traveling. They also fit for all 3.5mm jacks and feature a longer cord size than standard headphones. Choose from blue, white, black, … Continue reading

Ultimate Ears Headphones, High Quality, High Price

The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro is far from ordinary. From the sound it emits to the physical craft of the way it suits the consumer’s ears, each unit is handcrafted just like a fine instrument to accommodate comfortable fitting. The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro isn’t just for the average listener—It’s strictly for those who have … Continue reading

Solar Hearing

Those who favor radio play over MP3’s will find enjoyment from the Solar-Powered Radio Headphones. You guessed it, it charges through the solar panel on top of the headphones; plus feature a AAA battery, which stores the charge from the solar panel. An hour of sunlight = one to three hours and a full charge … Continue reading

JH Audio’s JH 13 Pro Earphones Worth A Fortune

2 woofers, 2 midranges, and 2 tweeters. What more is there to say about the 6-driver JH Audio’s JH 13 Pro earphones? Oh wait, they’re set to be worth about $1100. The bass quality is considered to be “highly addictive,” with “resolution of fine detail” to back up its value rate. Hmmm, $1100 you say?

Jabra’s Halo Bluetooth Headphones Heavenly Designed

Most Bluetooth stereo headsets look horrendous, but Jabra’s Halo headphones are an improvement. These cleverly designed gem’s promise up to 8 hours of playback, 13 days of standby, innovative corded mode a 3.5mm jack and seamless transition between calls and music feeds. The Halo’s are available now at Best Buy for $129.99.

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