Google Decks Homepage With 17 Holiday-Themed Doodles

Check out today’s Google homepage and you might discover a collection of holiday scenes created by the company’s Chief Doodler Michael Lopez. Lopez told the Wall Street Journal he spent 250 hours creating these holiday-inspired Doodles; tackling six, while the rest of his staff handled the rest. Google’s been responsible for nearly 270 Doodles in … Continue reading

Google Nexus S Slated For Release This Week

Earlier this month, it was announced that Android phones continued to dominate the market, and with the recent announcement of the Nexus S being released later this week—Google looks to end the year on a high note. The Android-powered handset sports a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, dual-cameras (front-facing and rear) and the … Continue reading

If You Can Think It, You Can Watch It

Consumers today have access to an enormous amount of content, delivered by a range of sources and increasingly complex devices. To bring this content together through a single interface on the best screen in the house – the TV screen – Logitech has worked with Google on a line of products designed to create the … Continue reading

Pac-Man Swallows Nike Sign

Guess that Google/Pac-Man collaboration really triggered something off for Brass Monki. Check out the second iteration below:

Attachable D-Pad Makes Droid Phones Portable Gaming Heaven

Hmm, playing Super Nintendo games on a Droid phone…with an attachable d-pad…no complaints here. Engadget complains about it being on the wrong side, but what can you do right? Known as the Game Gripper, the controller features 8 buttons and costs $15. Those who loath touch-screen gaming, load up those 8- and 16-bit roms, and … Continue reading

Google Wave Goes Beta

Googles quest for world internet domination continues with the upcoming beta launch of it’s new social networking hub, dubbed Wave. 100,000 randomly selected beta invites will go out on September 30th to test the Gmail, Google docs, Twitter, Flickr, AIM mash up. will it be Jack of all trades yet master of none? We’ll find … Continue reading

Skytone Alpha 680 smartphone  Netbook

It seems Skytone’s new Alpha 680 netbook is suffering from a serious identity crisis, and that’s not referring to the tablet PC swivel screen, side mounted game controls or that it will be priced in the $100-$200 price range. Nah, what’s really got the Alpha confused is the fact it doesn’t run Windows or a … Continue reading

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