iPhone 4 Bottle and Can Opener Case

What better way to kick back with your iTunes catalog and a beer. Feel free to quench your thirst of music and drink with the Be A Headcase iPhone 4 Bottle and Can Opener Case. Yea, that’s a mouthful. Great way to ditch your rusty bottle opener hanging from your keys. Pick one up over … Continue reading

Suspension Magnet Device

Here’s a fun way to play magician with your guests. The Magnet Suspension Device has the ability to suspend any can (up to 300g) or bottle with the placement of a magnet at the top of either. Seem a little unnecessary, but it’s tech fodder. Pick one up over at Chinavision

The Twilight Vencedor Whirlpool Inova

Here’s an interesting concept—an air purifier that circulates air across the room, while sporting an OLED sheet, allowing owners to display videos and images. Sadly there’s no Twitter functionality. It’s cool though. Here’s a look at the Twilight Vencedor Whirlpool Inova. [blip.tv ?posts_id=3653678&dest=-1]

Power-Generating Backpack, Nuff Said

Here’s footage of the Modern Day Marine event at Quantico, where Defense Tech’s Bryant Jordan got a first hand look at this power-generating backpack. Boosting a solid 40-watts, the backpack provides enough energy to power gadgets and is mounted on rails; mimicking its wearer’s movement and moving up and down to provide less strenuous activity. … Continue reading

USB Key Card Reader Bizarre As They Come

This odd USB drive supports DHC 2.0, SD, micro SDHC, microSD/T-flash, Sony M2, Memory Stick and MS Duo. For $12 it actually works wonders.

TomTom iPhone Car Kit Priced

How much are you willing spend for TomTom’s new iPhone Car Kit? October is right around the corner and the answer…$220. You’re looking at $120 for device and $100 for the software. Hmmmm.

Bayer’s USB Glucose Meter

A USB drive that reads glucose levels—who comes up with these gadgets? Bayer apparently does. Diabetics need not worry about their sugar levels when working near their Mac’s or PC’s, as the device comes with test strips and stores up to 2,000 readings. No release date has been given, but Bayer might wanna put it … Continue reading

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