F.E.A.R. 3 Cinema Trailer More Action Than Scare

It’s entertaining to watch, but where’s the fright factor? Check out the latest trailer for upcoming FPS: F.E.A.R. 3. Isn’t that creepy little girl just to die for?

Battlefield Beta Bundled with Medal of Honor L.E.?

The Limited Edition of Medal of Honor for the Xbox 360 will include the Battlefield 3 Beta, an MP-7, two shotguns and extra camo; while the PS3 version will include all these goodies plus the PS2 hit Medal of Honor: Frontlines in HD. The Limited Edition will run you the same as the regular version … Continue reading

Oh Sh*t, Bioshock: Infinite Announced!

Irrational Games takes great pleasure in sharing with gamers next Bioshock title, dubbed Infinite. And judging by the trailer, it seems we’re not in Rapture anymore. The new title takes gamers outside of the water utopia and into the city skies of Columbia. Absolutely sick!

Halo: Reach Remakes Halo 2 Maps?

Believe dat! IGN reports that Halo creators, Bungie, are revamping their Halo 2 maps and are available in the upcoming Halo: Reach. The “Reflection” and “Zealot” maps available are reworked renditions of the “Ivory Tower” and “Midship” maps experienced in the sequel, with technical upgrades. Head over to IGN for more details.

Big Daddy #2 Enters Rapture

Some hardcore GameInformer reader ran across this new screenshot for the upcoming Minerva’s Den DLC pack for BioShock 2. So who or what is that? Well, Big Daddy’s new look. You like?

Virgin Gaming Scores Tournament Deals With Ubisoft

Virgin Gaming is the first online platform for gamers of all skill levels to compete in the biggest titles for big prizes. Now Virgin is partnering with Ubisoft to be its exclusive online tournament provider for most of the publisher’s multiplayer games beginning with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Ubisoft is Virgin Gaming’s first partner to … Continue reading

Intense Metroid: Other M Story Trailer

Samus’ new adventure draws near…August 31. Till then, here’s another sneak peak.

Halo Reach Bundle Revealed at Comic-Con 2010

Another Halo title, another Halo bundle. The Xbox 360 Halo Reach Slim Bundle made it’s debut at the 2010 Comic-Con convention and includes a copy of the Bungie game, two Xbox S controllers and sleek sliver casing. It’ll run for $399 when released on September 14. Just another reason to own a 360 going into … Continue reading

Epic Games’ BulletStorm Developer Trailer

Epic Games gives you a closer look at their anticipated FPS with developer commentary. We’re sold!

Confirmed: 4-Player Co-op for Killzone 3

First 3D gameplay and now 4-player co-op. The European PlayStation Network confirms two separate co-op modes for Killzone 3. First is a standard two-player co-op and the second is four-layer, which will include new content separate from the game’s campaign. Sony hasn’t commented of both modes being split-screen, but we’ll keep you posted.

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