OLPC’s XO-3 Tablet a Dream for the Underprivileged

One Laptop per Child latest XO-3 Tablet is just as impressive as when chief Nicholas Negroprone introduced it last December. Working off of Marvell’s Moby reference design, the multi-touch tablet features a semi-flexible plastic casing, 1GHz processor, 1080p full-HD encode/decode, USB-integrated camera; and supports Flash, Linux, WinMo and Android. With an expected 1-watt energy consumption … Continue reading

eRoll eBook Concept Sets Future Standard for eReaders

The scriptures predicted an eReader of sorts. The eRoll eBook concept allows for great portability with its roll-up design and features a flexible display from the standard glass screen. Would you prefer this or carrying around a much bulkier iPad or Kindle? Yanko Design and designer Dragan Trencevski continue to innovate.

ExoPC Slate Tablet Gives iPad Some Competition

ExoPC will soon release the Slate—a Windows-based tablet, which is larger and said to be more powerful than the iPad. With the availability of 32GB or 64GB SSD storage and 2GB of memory at your disposal, the Slate supports Flash and Wi-Fi. The tablet comes with an onscreen keyboard, multiple USB ports, a 1.3 megapixel … Continue reading

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