First Details Revealed for Batman: Arkham City

Game Informer revealed minor details, along with two baddies, for the confirmed Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel—Arkham City—and now more details emerge from the upcoming September issue. Advertisements

GI Cover Reveals Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Title, Baddies Confirmed

September’s GameInformer issue reveals a number of Gotham goods. The monthly magazine show Catwoman sharing the cover with the Dark Knight, plus informs readers that Two-Face will be making his rounds. In addition, Warner Bros. announced the sequel title: Batman: Arkham City. Catwoman’s getting a lot of play from the media circuit. First rumors of … Continue reading

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Teaser

Xbox Live’s new line-up of arcade titles are sure to make this summer a scorcher. Especially this HD Castlevania title, Harmony of Despair. Limbo looks kick-ass as well. Excellent (Mr. Burns voice)! [ ?posts_id=3777822&dest=-1] Move forward to check out some screens of the other titles: Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light, Hydro Thunder Hurricane … Continue reading

Lara Croft Introduces New Side Kick in Guardian of Light Trailer

Guess Lara needs help covering more 2D ground. Here’s a glimpse at the impressive single player and co-op mode for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. [ ?posts_id=3658152&dest=-1]

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Trailer and Goodies

Batman: Arkham Asylum gets a 3D makeover for its Game of The Year edition, along with Batman and Joker 3D glasses. If you have not played Arkham Asylum, you need to be placed in a straightjacket because you’re loonier than Harley Quinn. This game is bad ass in every sense of the phrase. Check the … Continue reading

Oscar Winner Set to Star in Kane & Lynch Movie

Variety reports Jaime Foxx has been casted to play the schizophrenic killer James Lynch in the video game adaptation of Kane & Lynch. In 2008, Willis signed on to portray hitman Adam “Kane” Marcus, and Foxx joins the veteran action star in this shoot’em up about a sadistically odd pairing who have 72-hours to find … Continue reading

Just Cause 2 Trailers Break Down Stunts With Finesse

Square Enix’s London Studio illustrates how to pull off the perfect stunt in style. Hit the jump to catch a glimpse of the infamous Fire Truck Vs. Jet stunt.

Just Cause 2 Trailer Reveals Pre-Order Goods

The Headline speaks for itself…

Arkham Asylum’s Baddest

Holy sh*t! We might actually get a great Batman game. Check out the latest villains to take residence in Gotham’s most dangerous mental asylum. Hope the Bat has enough gadgets in his Belt. Game developer Eidos got a winner here.

PS3 Batman: Arkham Asylum Offers Playable Joker

Recently, Eidos and Warner Bros. have announced that Joker will be a playable character in the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game for the PS3. You can download him through the Playstation Network and wreak havoc in the Challenge Maps. If you’ve never seen the Dark Knight or you weren’t around to see the stans last … Continue reading

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