Telsa’s New Concept: The Eye

The Tesla Roadster has undergone more cosmetic surgery than Heidi Montag. The concept vehicle welcomes another addition to the family tree: The Eye. Created by 11 masters students at Turin’s Instituto Europeo di Design, development on The Eye was overseen by Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen. 1800mmm wide, 13600mmm high, this electric car features … Continue reading

Three-Wheel Electric Drive

Green Vehicles is attempting to corner the electric vehicle market. EV’s main objective is to be eco-friendly and affordable, but since the economy is in the tank, the price tag is out of reach for the majority of the public. The company’s answer to this problem is the TRIAC. Gracing a price-tag of $24, 99;, … Continue reading

Chrysler’s Low-Emission Concept Car

The 2010 Detroit International Motor Show introduced everyone to Fiat’s latest low emission concept car: the Fiat 500 BEV (battery electric-vehicle). The all-electric four-passenger vehicle dons the same electric drive system Chrysler has developed the past three years and features a battery pack that consists of “large format automotive grade cells.” North America could possibly … Continue reading

The Revenge Verde Decorates the Road Green

The Land of the Free has its patent supercar for the decade: The Revenge Verde. Australia’s Peter Collorafi takes all the credit for this stunning speedster, assembling a vehicle from the “best of the best” components from American-made supercars. The Verde features three drive chain and power train options; a Ford 605hp motor, GM 638hp … Continue reading

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