EA Unleashes Fight Night Champion Two-Hit Trailer Combo

EA trains harder this year as they prep to release the latest entry in their Fight Night series: Fight Night Champion. Judging by these two story mode trailers, the championship will stay on the sport developer’s waist. Check out the bare knuckle action in the first and the heart of a true champ in the … Continue reading

Dead Space 2 Story Trailer Digs Deeper into Plot

EA unleashes their latest trailer for the space horror sequel, Dead Space 2. If you’re curious to know what happened on earth or the rise of planet crackers, move ahead. If you haven’t even touched the prequel or the first entry, keep it moving. Isaac Clarke got his hands full.

Curt Shilling Moves Gaming Company 38 Studios to Providence

After closing a $75 million financing package with the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation earlier this month, former Boston Red Sox and founder of 38 Studios, Curt Shilling, has announced his game development company will move their headquarters to Providence, Rhode Island in early 2011. Alongside co-founders Todd McFarlane and Bob Salvatore, the 38 has … Continue reading

Breaking News: EA Delays NBA Elite 11 Till Next Year

After celebrating with a big launch party in NYC last week, EA’s decided to push back their NBA Elite 11. The revised basketball entry previously know as NBA Live was scheduled to be released next week, alongside its competitor, 2K’s NBA 2K11. On a side note, the company still plans on releasing NBA Jam next … Continue reading

Battlefield Beta Bundled with Medal of Honor L.E.?

The Limited Edition of Medal of Honor for the Xbox 360 will include the Battlefield 3 Beta, an MP-7, two shotguns and extra camo; while the PS3 version will include all these goodies plus the PS2 hit Medal of Honor: Frontlines in HD. The Limited Edition will run you the same as the regular version … Continue reading

NBA Jam HD Announced, Need to Buy Elite ’11?

NBA Jam is coming to the PS3 and 360 this fall. So what’s this new catch we hear about? Gamers will have to buy NBA Elite ‘11? Yea sir! EA Sports announced that a downloadable version will be available with every copy of the rebooted Live series. NBA Jam on Wii will still be the … Continue reading

Medal of Honor Trailer Introduces Linkin Park Single

EA needed somebody to combat Call of Duty: Black Ops lead single; “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem. So they picked Linkin Park. Yea, Linkin Park. Here’s a look at “The Catalyst.”

EA Trains Hard for Fight Night Champion

EA is ready to go another round with Fight Night Champion. IGN announces the boxing title will be specifically for the Xbox 360 and PS3, plus feature over 60 fighters. Single-player will be the main focus, with an all-new control system leading the pack. Champion will be out sometime 2011.

Epic Games’ BulletStorm Developer Trailer

Epic Games gives you a closer look at their anticipated FPS with developer commentary. We’re sold!

NBA Elite ’11 Hand-on Trailer

EA’s going hard in the paint with the re-branded Live series, dubbed Elite ’11. Can it finish strong?

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