Dead Space 2 Story Trailer Digs Deeper into Plot

EA unleashes their latest trailer for the space horror sequel, Dead Space 2. If you’re curious to know what happened on earth or the rise of planet crackers, move ahead. If you haven’t even touched the prequel or the first entry, keep it moving. Isaac Clarke got his hands full. [ ?posts_id=4609958&dest=-1] Advertisements

New Dead Space 2 Trailer, Box Cover Art and PS3 L.E

Isaac Clark’s back bitches! EA gives Game Trailers the 1Up on everyone by giving them the exclusive trailer, but it’s cool. Check out the teaser trailer teaser here if previously you missed it. [ ?posts_id=3768658&dest=-1] E3 Update: In addition, a PS3 Limited Edition of the game will be available, pre-packaged with the Wii exclusive, Extraction. … Continue reading

EA Debuts New Dead Space 2 Trailer

After suffering a leak nearly 24 hours ago, EA gives us an official glimpse of Dead Space 2. Creepy sh*t! [ ?posts_id=3574651&dest=-1]

EA Wants Your Gruesome Kills for Dead Space 2

EA is calling on all Dead Space fans to design their own brutal kills for it’s sequel. The grand prize winner will be featured in the Dead Space 2. The contest runs from March 8th to the 26th. For details venture to the

EA Needs Dead Space 2: Collector’s Edition Suggestions

What better online outlet to gain suggestions from than Facebook? EA’s Dead Space 2 Facebook page is now taking ideas for what gamers would want in a Dead Space 2: Collector’s Edition. Once again we need your help! IF we were to put out a Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition, what would you want to … Continue reading

EA Announces Dead Space 2

Who didn’t see this one coming. EA’s critically and commercially acclaimed title, Dead Space, will get the sequel treatment for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis had this to say about the follow-up:

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