Machete Brisk Commercial Sums Up Film & Brings LOLs

Remember those hilarious claymation Lipton Brisk commercials from the 90’s? Yea you do. Now the iced tea company snagged actor Danny Trejo to lend his vocals to a new commercial mimicking his trademark character, Machete. Don’t forget to wash your hands (It’ll all make sense when you watch it, lol). Advertisements

Machete Kills’ Script Complete

Don’t be fooled—Machete wasn’t a blockbuster. It fared well enough with many filmgoers to greenlit a sequel. And now comes word from franchise star Danny Trejo of director Robert Rodriguez finishing up the script for first planned sequel—Machete Kills:

Anyone Wanna See 8 Minutes of Machete Footage?

Oh course you do. Here’s an 8-minute glimpse of Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” spin-off: Machete.

Oh Sh*t, Red Band Machete Trailer

Yea, he uses the dude’s intestines as a rope…wtf? It’s so cheesy, it’s so “Grindhouse”…its AWESOME! How does IGN score these exclusives?

More Kick Ass Machete Posters

There will be bloodshed. Breeze though these new character posters for Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete.” Catch up with the trailer here.

Official Machete Film Trailer

Troublemaker Studios….we already know what film this trailer is packaged with this weekend. Poor Lindsay Lohan, so preview love. What do you think of the “Grindhouse” spin-off film? Film slices theater screens September 3rd.

Predators Character Bio 4: Cuchillo

Robert Rodriguez regular, Danny Trejo, lends his talents as the ruthless Mexican cartel drug lord, Cuchillo. Is he built to take on the “Predators” universe?

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