Pentium Nike’s Push Tech Fashion

Wow, talk about ingenuity. Trash artist Gabriel Dishaw puts his own touch on the classic Nike Blazer, creating a pair from an old circuit board; crazy!!!! He’s nicknamed the pair the “Nike Blazer Pentium 1.0.” We’re already anticipating 2.0. Advertisements

Call of Duty Nike’s

Brass Monki sure knows what markets to hit in custom sneaker creations. Any one seeking Modern Warfare 2 AF1’s?

Playstation Inspires Nike

After a few successful collaborations, Nike’s decided to create another exclusive pair of sneakers for Sony. This time they found their inspiration from the Playstation 3. Check out the button scheme design. Ron Eagle, the director of product publicity for the PlayStation indicates only 24 pairs will be made and will not be available for … Continue reading

Nintendo Characters Get Nike’d

There’s no better way to flaunt your Nintendo fanboy antics than by wearing one of the company’s characters on your feet. Luckily Brass Monki got you covered. Want more? Check out more at

The Sneakers of Steel

Brass Monki adds some steel in their sneaker diet with these customized Superman Nike’s. You Like?

32-Bit Heroes Grace Nike Swoosh!

Capcom’s blue mascot is a world renown celebrity, but its pretty cool to see the lesser known superstars of the Xbox Live smash Castle Crashers find a spot on the Nike Swoosh. Brass Monki packed so many colors, you can practically taste the rainbow.

In A Sneaker Galaxy Far Away…

These Star Wars Nike’s from Brass Monki are looking real wavy right now.

Solid Snake Creeps Under Nike Radar

Tim Sumner’s Metal Gear Solid inspired Nike’s are sick. Brass Monki rules!

Drop It Creep!

Only Bassmonki could flip a 80’s hero into a ridiculous pair of fresh kicks!

Deadpool Nike’s

Brass Monki stay dropping the sickest custom kicks. What better Marvel hero to grace a pair of Nike’s than lethal assassin Deadpool. Fresh to Death!

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