An Un-Marveling Avengers Teaser Trailer

What a tease. It’s the same Samuel L. Jackson narrated teaser from Comic-Con 2010. They could of at least thrown some flash scenes from the previous Marvel films to add some hype; especially from “Thor” and “Captain America.” Fail of the day! [ ?posts_id=3988540&dest=-1] Advertisements

Captain America and Thor Comic-Con Posters

Perfect timing for Marvel to show off their latest superhero projects. And they look a little something like this…

Captain America Exposed!

Aint It Cool got their hands on the official concept images behind Captain America’s costume for the First Avenger film. Check out these intriguing pics.

And Donning the Captain America Shield is…the Human Torch?

Ok, this one came out of nowhere. Now we were aware that “Fantastic 4” actor Chris Evans, who played the Human Torch, was in the running for the lead role of Steve Rogers. But ummm, we never expected him to get the offer over his competition (Ryan Phillippe, John Krasinski, Chance Crawford, etc.) The Hollywood … Continue reading

Agent Smith Wanted for Red Skull Role

Fans have requested Jackie Earle Haley and Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis to take on the role of the Red Skull for the upcoming “Captain America: First Avenger” film, but it looks like “Matrix Trilogy” villain Hugo Weaving is in talks to play Steve Rogers nemesis. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story: Marvel Studios has … Continue reading

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