Medal of Honor Trailer Introduces Linkin Park Single

EA needed somebody to combat Call of Duty: Black Ops lead single; “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem. So they picked Linkin Park. Yea, Linkin Park. Here’s a look at “The Catalyst.”

Are You in the Mood fof Medal of Honor Multiplayer Gameplay?

With a multiplayer-beta available now, EA reveals some gameplay to lure Modern Warfare fiends to their FPS. Does it have what it takes to dethrone Call of Duty as the best shooter on the market?

Activision Announces Call of Duty: The War Collection

No need to grab the epic Call of Duty: World At War if you haven’t already because the Call of Duty: The War Collection will be available early June. Activision is bundling up the second and third installment of the franchise, along with World at War into one Xbox 360 package. What makes this even … Continue reading

New Medal of Honor Trailer Announces Release Date

EA’s been hard at work on the new Medal of Honor game, and with the core team of Infinity Ward doing the boogie on Activision, the shooter has a shot of dethroning Call of Duty as the best FPS on the market. Yea, right..but you never know, right?. October 12th is the official North America … Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops Teaser Trailer & Screens

The major absence of Infinity Ward isn’t stopping Activision from putting out more Call of Duty games. Hopefully they can keep the legacy alive with the dream team of Infinity. Here’s a teaser for Blacks Ops. Check these screen grabs in the meantime:

Evolve Exclusive: Activision’s Blur

Associate Producer Lip Ho breaks racing modes, multiplayer, power-ups and ranking systems in our exclusive look at Activision’s Blur. See what this racer and Call of Duty share in common.

Modern Warfare 3 Rumored for 2011

The pre-production for the highly-anticipated third installment of Modern Warfare has been delayed by a legal dispute. Activision filed a lawsuit against fired Infinity Ward honchos Jason West and Vince Zampella accusing them of intentionally delaying production of Modern Warfare 3 as leverage in negotiations and flirting with competitors, Electronic Arts. The lawyer of the … Continue reading

Rome Actor Says Call of Duty Movie In The Works

And this come from the NY Post’s PopWrap section of all places. During an interview, Rome actor Kevin McKidd discussed his upcoming projects; one being a spinoff of Rome and the other…a Call of Duty film? Yea.

Call of Duty Nike’s

Brass Monki sure knows what markets to hit in custom sneaker creations. Any one seeking Modern Warfare 2 AF1’s?

EA Prepping New Medal of Honor

There was once a time when EA’s Medal of Honor series was considered the pinnacle of all WWII FPS. Then they made tedious sequels and spinoffs, and let Infinity Ward muscle their way to the top of that gaming genre. EA Games label president Frank Gibeau spoke yesterday afternoon during a Q2 conference call and … Continue reading

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