Frank Miller’s Classic Comic Inspires Customized Nike Kicks

Brass Monki found inspiration from the popular “300” comic. Or they might have caught a TNT rerun of Zack Synder’s visually stunning big screen adaptation. Either way, these look pretty cool.

Modern Warfare 2 Nikes W/ Gamer Tag

Brass Monki’s selling three versions of these custom Call of Duty/Nike sneakers with your gamer tag plastered below the swoosh. Shoot over and place your bid.

Brass Monki Makes FireFox Their Choice of Web Browser

These custom Brass Monki Nikes makes us want to switch over to Mozilla’s Firefox.

Lego Meets Nike

Now you have a pair of Nike’s to go with your LEGO Harry Potter game. Don’t say Brass Monki wasn’t thinking about you.

Space Invade the Nike Swoosh

Take us to your leader! That being Nike, Brass Monki continues their spaced-out customization trip.

Thassss Poposssterussss!!! Daffy Duck Nike’s

How clever, venturing into the world of Looney Tunes.Brass Monki has a fan favorite added to their collection of custom kicks.

Toy Story’s Woody Gets the Nike Treatment

Toy Story 3 inspired many artists to bring out their inner child lately. Custom sneaker designers Brass Monki took inspiration from series protagonist Woody and crafted these. Nice right? Woody was right, there was something popping with his shoes, and it aint no snake. It’s the Nike swoosh!

Street Fighter’s Blanka Greens Up Nike’s

Brass Monki looks to be leaning towards the fighting genre with these Street Fighter IV inspired kicks. Which SFIV character would you want on your Nikes?

Wolverine Claws Nike Swoosh

Brass Monki is gonna have a field day once Capcom releases Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Very MVC 3 inspired, kudos! Which X-Men character would you want on a fresh pair of Dunks?

Infamous PS1 Characters Reappear on Nike Sneakers

Brass Monki has a love jones for PS1 platformers. So why not show Spyro, Rayman and Crash Bandicoot some love? Ahhh, memories!

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