Windows 8 Follows Gingerbread Road With Heavy Focus on Gaming

Microsoft might look to place a stronger focus on the gaming aspect of things with its Windows 8 operating system. A developer recently noted that gaming was not just an important aspect of the OS, but also a key component. It’s been said that Windows 8 will have some major differences from the current Windows’ … Continue reading

Is This The Sony PSP2?

Could of fooled us. These mock-ups discovered on PSM3 look real enough, but are really based off the PSP2 leaked images found on the web. So are they real? Could be. If this is Sony’s finalized product, we’re sold. Minor improvement over the PSP and a much better design than the Sony PS Phone.

Another Female Role Being Cast for The Avengers

After rumors of Disney starlet Demi Lovato being up for a role in The Avengers film surfaced over the weekend, Marvel fanboys either cried themselves to sleep or had some perverted wet dreams. Luckily members of Lovato’s camp deny these reports, but that doesn’t mean director Joss Whedon isn’t looking for another hot actress to … Continue reading

HTC Teases Next 4G Phone

So HTC has blessed Sprint and T-Mobile with their premier 4G smartphones, and the handset developer is teasing their latest 4G model due right after the New Year. The rumor mill has been busy dishing out the latest on the Droid Incredible HD, which experts are speculating to be HTC’s big surprise. The “unknown” smartphone … Continue reading

Megatron Keeps On Truckin’ In Leaked Transformers 3 Set Pic

So your favorite Decepticon makes it a three-peat judging by this leaked pic from the set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Images of the Megatron action figure have also made their way onto the web. Mehhh, but it does leave the big screen transformation to your imagine. Check’em out below and take a look … Continue reading

Google Decks Homepage With 17 Holiday-Themed Doodles

Check out today’s Google homepage and you might discover a collection of holiday scenes created by the company’s Chief Doodler Michael Lopez. Lopez told the Wall Street Journal he spent 250 hours creating these holiday-inspired Doodles; tackling six, while the rest of his staff handled the rest. Google’s been responsible for nearly 270 Doodles in … Continue reading

Vin Diesel Tackling Three Physiques For Riddick 3

Looks like the Riddick Trilogy is coming along just fine. For the past few months, franchise star Vin Diesel has been dropping hints consistently on his Facebook page about the third film, and his latest update touches on his proposed physical look for the film: “So the director of Riddick, my partner on COR since … Continue reading

Free Xbox 360 Game With Windows Phone 7 Purchase!

Looks like Microsoft is struggling to push the Windows Phone 7 brand this holiday season. So what better way to persuade consumers than by offering a free Xbox 360 game with the purchase of a smartphone? Gamers have the choose of one of four titles to walk away with: Fable 3, Halo: Reach, Kinectimals and … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 Set For “Mango” Update?

The word around the water cooler is that the Windows Phone 7 is set to get an update of some sort early next year, but for now, ZD Net’s Mary Jo Foley is reporting that an even bigger update could be following come August or September. According to her sources, “Mango,” the codenamed MS update … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Game Card Exposed

It’s unconfirmed news, but nonetheless its big news. Macronix, the Taiwan-based solid-state maker has been entrusted by Nintendo to conceive its Nintendo 3DS cartridges. According to Taiwanese-site Gamrade, the 3DS cartridge hold an enormous amount of memory: up to 8GB. But it’s rumored Nintendo will be enforcing some kind of 2GB limit, with 1GB being … Continue reading

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