eRoll eBook Concept Sets Future Standard for eReaders

The scriptures predicted an eReader of sorts. The eRoll eBook concept allows for great portability with its roll-up design and features a flexible display from the standard glass screen. Would you prefer this or carrying around a much bulkier iPad or Kindle? Yanko Design and designer Dragan Trencevski continue to innovate.

Retro-Active: Gun.Smoke

Gunslinging on the NES, ahh, the classics. While the arcade version of Capcom’s cowboy shootem’up was a standout, the home console version for the Nintendo Entertainment System would prove to be the prominent version. The Red Dead Revolver of it’s time, saddle up and step in the dirt-clogged boots of bounty hunter Billy Bob (how … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Prince of Persia

Strategic platforming was redefined when gamers got their hands on the timeless gem known as Prince of Persia. Set in Ancient Persia, the Sultan’s vizier Jaffar decides to lock up our nameless hero after discovering the Princess has taking a likening to him. Jaffar goes onto imprison the Princess, leaving her an unwelcoming ultimatum; meet … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Pole Positon

Formula 1 racing came full circle on the video game circuit when Namco’s Pole Position was released in arcades around 1982. Pole Position’s rear-view racing format pretty much cemented what the visual perspective is in any racing game you play these days.

Retro-Active: Sonic CD

With so many 2D adventures under his notch, the blue hedgehog has much to reminisce on. His introduction into the 16-bit era changed the face of Sega and made the gaming giant the house that Sonic built. Sonic’s Golden Era was sealed with the release of his greatest adventure that no one played: Sega CD. … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Wario Land 3

Somewhere in the midst of the Nintendo universe lies a great platformer that wasn’t a Mario game. Best of all, its a GameBoy Color exclusive. That game is Wario Land 3. The overweight and musclebound nemesis of Mario crashes into the woods and stumbles across a mystical cave, where a magical music box is discovered … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Mutant League Football

Madden Football meets Rollerball meets Evil Dead—that’s EA’s Mutant League Football in a nutshell. Hitting the apocalyptic gridiron as aliens, superhumans, trolls, robots or skeletons, wars erupted onscreen as gamers redfined the concept of deadly competition. Constructed with the Madden ’93 engine, EA introduced an entirely new and crafty take on football for the Sega … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Choplifter

How many times have you a heard of a console game ever getting ported to the Arcade? It’s usually the other way around right? Well not in this case. Choplifter was one of the minute number of titles to hold that crown, and it did for a particular reason…it was and still is an incredible … Continue reading

Retro-Active: NARC

Before Mortal Kombat made a media frenzy with blood splattering fatalities, NARC introduced mainstream America to extreme video game violence. Choose between Max Force or Hit Man, two militant enforcers who hit the streets on the NARC project, in search of stopping infamous drug crime lord and terrorist threat, Mr. Big. It’s plain to see … Continue reading

Retro-Active: Final Fantasy

We can honestly say the phenomena behind role-playing games originated with the Final Fantasy series. As Square (now known as Square Enix these days) has become the most dominate RPG developer in the market, videogamers find themselves revisiting the tale of four Light Warriors who travel across three continents, rescue Princess Sara from the evil … Continue reading

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