Is This The Sony PSP2?

Could of fooled us. These mock-ups discovered on PSM3 look real enough, but are really based off the PSP2 leaked images found on the web. So are they real? Could be. If this is Sony’s finalized product, we’re sold. Minor improvement over the PSP and a much better design than the Sony PS Phone.

Nintendo 3DS Game Card Exposed

It’s unconfirmed news, but nonetheless its big news. Macronix, the Taiwan-based solid-state maker has been entrusted by Nintendo to conceive its Nintendo 3DS cartridges. According to Taiwanese-site Gamrade, the 3DS cartridge hold an enormous amount of memory: up to 8GB. But it’s rumored Nintendo will be enforcing some kind of 2GB limit, with 1GB being … Continue reading

NEO-GEO PS3 Controller Accommodates SNK/PSN Games

Hardcore gamers are salivating as they get a glimpse of this Sony-licensed NEO-GEO controller for the PS3. Though no dual-shock action is present, the nostalgic gamepad couldn’t of come at a better time, as SNK recently announced they will be porting several NEO-GEO classics to the PlayStation Network on December 21st. Fighting games always play … Continue reading

Mortal Kombat Kollector and Tournament Editions Announced

How does a gamer choose? GameStop has listed two Mortal Kombat special editions, which will accompany the regular edition come this Spring. The Kollector’s Edition offers “collectable figurines” for Scorpion and Sub-Zero, along with an art book and download bonuses; while the more enticing Tournament Edition offers download codes for classic MK avatar gear and … Continue reading

Is the PSPhone Really Real?

After rumors surfaced a few weeks back that Sony was working on a handheld gaming phone dubbed the PSPhone, Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg added to the speculation, which make us believe the device is inevitably in the works. Nordberg told the Wall Street Journal, “There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there … Continue reading

Limited Edition Epic Mickey Controller and Charger Available Now

Disney knows a thing or two about merchandising for the holidays. With the upcoming Wii-exclusive, Epic Mickey, due out Thanksgiving week, the house that the mouse built has given accessories manufacturer, PDP, the greenlight to produce their own limited edition line-up for the action platformer. Take a look at the well-crafted Wiimote Controller Charger ($50) … Continue reading

Nintendo Preps Tablet Peripheral For Wii

Publisher THQ is launching the uDraw Game Tablet for the Wii later this year. The tablet is about the size of the Wii and connects to a Wii controller, which enables gamers to draw and play compatible games. The tablet will cost around $70 and comes with uDraw software. Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure will … Continue reading

Fable III Limited Edition Controller Revealed

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson finds enjoyment revealing the Limited Edition Fable III controller. Unique in design, the gamepad will also come with an in-game tattoo set, and will run for $59.99 and be released on October 5th. Click Here To Read Our Full Review

Nintendo Sells its 30 Millionth Wii Console in the U.S.

Nintendo’s Wii video game system has sold more than 30 million units in the U.S., according to the company’s internal sales numbers. The console hit that number in 45 months, making it the fastest-selling console in video game history. It took Sony’s PlayStation 2 console more than 60 months to hit the same milestone. The … Continue reading

BLAZEgear Consoles Stores Sega Master System, Game Gear Classics

Here’s another Sega portable gaming knockoff, but this one comes bundled with a combination of 30 Sega Master System and Game Gear titles. The BlAZEgear reintroduces old school and new school Sega fans to the 8-bit glory days of the gaming company, bringing back classics such as Alex Kidd In Miracle World, Fantasy Zone and … Continue reading

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