Set Flames With Sega Lighters

If you’re gonna light up, at least do it in fashion, or in this case geek fashion. Retailer Net-You is taking pre-orders at the moment on these intriguing Sega console lighters. Choose from the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) or the cult-favorable Sega Saturn. Just another great reason to not give up old habits. Nuff … Continue reading

Kratos Shows His Mighty Mugg

Likhang Pinoy Customs crafted this exclusive Kratos figure for Mighty Muggs, with hand-crafted weaponry and blood-stained apparel. Just the gift to give your young ones. We recommend sticking to Street Fighter Muggs.

Game Of Mario Chess Anyone?

We’re all bound to get sick of Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Tennis sooner or later. This collector’s edition chess set comes with 32 hand-painted figures, featuring Mario’s greatest friends and foes. No love for Waluigi or Wario unfortunately. It’s no Chessmaster, but hey, its something new. Priced at $44.99, chess lovers … Continue reading

Google Wave Goes Beta

Googles quest for world internet domination continues with the upcoming beta launch of it’s new social networking hub, dubbed Wave. 100,000 randomly selected beta invites will go out on September 30th to test the Gmail, Google docs, Twitter, Flickr, AIM mash up. will it be Jack of all trades yet master of none? We’ll find … Continue reading

NES Controller iPhone Case

Nostalgic Nintendo feens can go bonkers over Etsy’s new NES Controller Felt iPhone Case. Not bad for $25. Now all we need is some roms, a better control scheme for the iPhone, and everything is peachy.

The Bat-Motorcycle Suit

Seriously, would you rock this as you’re switching lanes on the highway on your Yamaha? I didn’t think so.

Teen Falls In Manhole While Texting

What a genius!

Luigi Reaches His Boiling Point

Who knew Luigi had such hostility in him. That damn Mario!

Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls

The artist Matt Brown says: I bought a set of blank Matryoshka dolls online and painted them with acrylic. It took several evenings to finish, whilst watching the original trilogy. There was quite a bit of cursing here and there, and the hair-drier came in very handy, but I think it turned out fairly well. … Continue reading

Street Fighter Mighty Muggs

How adorable is that. Hasbro’s “100% recyclable” collectibles are a hot commodity amongst nostalgic toy collectors. Having released Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars and Marvel Muggs, Mighty Muggs has jumped into the gaming realm, bringing us Street Fighter Muggs. Add these to your collection from designer Jerry Cortez. Nice work buddy!

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