MDR-EX 1000 Tagged As Sony’s Flagship Headphones

Sony is looking to set new standards with the MDR-EX1000 headphones. These soundblasters deliver a frequency range of 3-30,000Hz and a max input of 200mW through 16mm drivers to ensure a diehard experience. Equipped with ten different earbuds, Sony looks to combine the best of both worlds: perfect fit and sound. If your that much … Continue reading

WTF, LG Readying 72-Inch 3D TV For CES

They say bigger is better, but LG’s 72-inch 3D LED-backlit LCD TV is huge. The LZ9700 is said to be the world’s largest of its kind. The size combined with LED illumination and 3D capability makes it a trend in itself. It will be available to customers early 2011. Check out the list of main … Continue reading

iPhone 4 Bottle and Can Opener Case

What better way to kick back with your iTunes catalog and a beer. Feel free to quench your thirst of music and drink with the Be A Headcase iPhone 4 Bottle and Can Opener Case. Yea, that’s a mouthful. Great way to ditch your rusty bottle opener hanging from your keys. Pick one up over … Continue reading

HTC Teases Next 4G Phone

So HTC has blessed Sprint and T-Mobile with their premier 4G smartphones, and the handset developer is teasing their latest 4G model due right after the New Year. The rumor mill has been busy dishing out the latest on the Droid Incredible HD, which experts are speculating to be HTC’s big surprise. The “unknown” smartphone … Continue reading

Free Xbox 360 Game With Windows Phone 7 Purchase!

Looks like Microsoft is struggling to push the Windows Phone 7 brand this holiday season. So what better way to persuade consumers than by offering a free Xbox 360 game with the purchase of a smartphone? Gamers have the choose of one of four titles to walk away with: Fable 3, Halo: Reach, Kinectimals and … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 Set For “Mango” Update?

The word around the water cooler is that the Windows Phone 7 is set to get an update of some sort early next year, but for now, ZD Net’s Mary Jo Foley is reporting that an even bigger update could be following come August or September. According to her sources, “Mango,” the codenamed MS update … Continue reading

LG Reveals the Android-Ready Optimus 2X Phone

Ladies and Gents, the world’s first dual-core smartphone: the LG Optimus 2X. While it’s only a month away from hitting Korean shelves, the Android 2.2-powered handset is schedule to hit the states sometime in 2011. LG also promises a Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update in the near future. As huge fans of the Optimus S, we’re … Continue reading

Seagate Introduces Eco-Friendly Barracuda HD

Glad to see someone’s thinking green when it comes to hard drives. Seagate welcomes the latest addition to their HD line-up—the low-powered, 3.5-inch external Barracuda Green hard drive. It’s capable of pushing the highest spin speed (@ 5900 RPM) under the company’s SmartAlign technology, which also simplifies drive installation and helps reduce fan and power … Continue reading

Google Nexus S Slated For Release This Week

Earlier this month, it was announced that Android phones continued to dominate the market, and with the recent announcement of the Nexus S being released later this week—Google looks to end the year on a high note. The Android-powered handset sports a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, dual-cameras (front-facing and rear) and the … Continue reading

Star Tech: Isaiah “The Old Spice Guy” Mustafa

You can all stop asking where he’s been—we found “The Old Spice Guy.” And while Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis might have stole his job as the spokesman for the male antiperspirant brand, fans will agree that there’s no replacing Isaiah Mustafa. Though his newfound fame has scored him a talent deal with NBC and a … Continue reading

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