Naughty Bear Launch Trailer Warns All Cuddly Bears

Who knew a bear could cause so much damage. 505 Games continues to push out funny trailers. Click here to check out the Naughty Bear film parodies.

Naughty Bear Continues Film Spoof Trailers

505 Games continues to display their sense of humor with these film-spoof trailers. Now comes the latest parody from the Naughty Bear developer. Don’t go in the water…

Naughty Bear: Book of Naughty Trailers

Those guys over at 505 Games sure have a sense of humor. Read rules #99 and #135 from the Book of Naughty; “Pick’n’Mix” and “Power Outage.”

Naughty Bear Alien Parody Trailer

505 Games pokes a little fun at the infamous “Alien” chest-burster kill. The game looks sadistically hilarious. It is Care Bears meets Grand Theft Auto. Hit the jump to explore the naughty side of this brown bear.

Freddy Kruebear Slasher Trailer

As Freddy makes his return to the big screen, 505 Games banks in on the slasher genre cliches. See what GameStop and Amazon goodies await Naughty Bear pre-orders. Hold up…is that Jason below?

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