Christopher Nolan Discusses Inception Ending

Those wondering what’s with the new Inception film poster—it’s not the DVD or Blu-ray cover—it’s just an alternative poster. Interesting, but on to the bigger story. Director Christopher Nolan recently sat down with Wired to address the several theories behind the ending to his summer blockbuster. So was Cobb stuck in limbo or did he make it home?

Nolan practically throws the same hints costume designer Jeffrey Kurland discussed a few months back when asked about the film’s ending: “The kids are not wearing the same clothes at the end! And they do age! We were working with two sets of kids.” Ok. In addition, he touched on the sybolism behind Cobb’s decision to not look back at the spinning top: “The important thing is that Cobb’s not looking at the top. He doesn’t care.” Could you ask for a more unclear answer? Guess we’re stuck with an open ending. We say run with the same interpretation you already had after seeing.

Inception will be available on DVD and Blu-ray December 7th.


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