Scosche Provides Galaxy S Tab Accessories Line-up

Scosche Industries announced the launch of a new arsenal of products designed to enhance the user experience for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab. The lineup consists of several signature cases: folDIO, gloSEE gt1, and snapSHIELD gt1. Each is priced at $44.99, $29.99 & $24.99 respectively. The foldIO is available in black or white with leather and carbon fiber texture options, the gloSEE gt1 case is a flexible rubber case that enhances grip and provides superior shock protection, and the snapSHIELD gt1 is a shatterproof polycarbonate case with low-profile design.

Excluding the folDIO, all models are available in Clear, Smoke, Purple, Pink and Blue. As well as the signature cases, Scosche will be offering screen protectors, two charging solutions, a backup battery, and even a flexible Bluetooth keyboard. The freeKEY, Sosche’s roll-up designed Bluetooth keyboard, allows users to connect a full-sized keyboard wirelessly to smartphones, notebooks and netbooks. The $59.99 rugged silicone keyboard repels dust and is compatible with Windows (98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and 7), Mac OS, Android, iOS and more. Pick any of them up at Scosche’s website.

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